Hey everyone! Thanks for following the blog so far. I have recently decided to open a Twitter account for the blog, any follows would be much appreciated! You can find the Twitter account here or @InqWonder The Twitter page will be updated regularly, and there’s plenty more content to comeRead More →

The 1566 Celestial Phenomena Over Basel

UFO sightings, for the most part, are something that started happening in the 20th century. However, one of the most famous, most widely witnessed UFO incidents in history happened nearly 500 years ago. In 1566, the citizens of Basel, Switzerland, saw strange celestial phenomena on three separate occasions: the 27thRead More →

Brittany boasts a prehistoric landscape full of some of the most astonishing Megalithic monuments in the world. From standing stones, beautiful carvings, to chambered tombs, these mysterious monuments have baffled historians for centuries. One of such monuments that stand out in Carnac is the Ti Goriquet or the House ofRead More →

The Wendigo is a terrifying beast which has its place in North American folklore. The creature has ventured the wilderness for years, threatening the existence of Native American tribes with it’s unforgiving hunger for blood, and possession of its victims. Stories of the Wendigo run deep throughout Native American folklore,Read More →