The Mysterious Lady of the Lake at White Rock Lake

If you are looking for a spooky place to visit in Dallas, Texas, you might want to check out White Rock Lake. This beautiful urban oasis is not only a popular spot for recreation and relaxation but also the site of one of the most enduring ghost stories in the city.

The Lady of the Lake

The legend of the Lady of the Lake dates back to the 1930s when a young woman was said to have died in a boat accident. Some say she still haunts the area, looking for help or revenge.

According to the legend, the woman appears as a wet and bedraggled woman in a white dress who flags down passing motorists and asks them for a ride. She tells them her name and address and then disappears from the back seat when they reach her destination. Sometimes, she leaves behind a puddle of water or a trace of her perfume. Many people claim to have encountered Anne over the years.

White Rock Lake Ghost Hunt

Because of the popularity of the urban legend, it is not surprising that thrill seekers want to explore the place. You can even join a ghost hunt for $45.

The ghost hunt at White Rock Lake featured by Haunted Rooms America includes the following:

  • Investigation with the team at White Rock Lake,
  • Ghost Hunting Vigils
  • Structured Vigils
  • Use of our state-of-the-art paranormal equipment,
  • Private time to explore the locations and to undertake your very own private vigils

White Rock Lake Urban Legend Origins

There have been several theories on who the Lady of the Lake might be. The YouTube video below discusses the possible origins of the popular urban legend.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, White Rock Lake is a fascinating place to explore. You can enjoy the scenic views, the wildlife, the trails, and the history of the lake. But be careful if you drive around at night, because you never know when you might meet the Lady of the Lake.