The Blazing Orb of Chelyabinsk was named after the Chelyabinsk Oblast, a city in Russia. The Blazing Orb of Chelyabinsk, also known as the Chelyabinsk meteorite, entered the earth’s atmosphere through Russia on 15th February 2013. The meteor-like object resembled a space rock, 20 meters wide that entered the earth’sRead More →

St. Stephen’s Cathedral (“Stephansdom” in German) is one of Vienna’s most popular attractions. It’s a true masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Work originally began constructing the Cathedral in the 12th century, although the final structure you see today wasn’t completed until 1511, though the north tower was never properly finished. ItRead More →

assassination of robert pakington

Robert Pakington was born to John Pakington and Elizabeth Washborne around the year 1489 at a place called Stanforn in Teme, Worcestershire in England. In total, there were four siblings together with his three brothers John Pakington, Augustine Pakington and Humphrey Pakington. He was an apprentice from a young ageRead More →