The Alamodome: A Stadium Full of Specters

If you are a fan of sports, concerts, or other events, you may have visited the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. This 64,000-seat, multi-purpose stadium is the home of various entertainment and athletic activities, from football and basketball games to Disney on Ice and religious festivals. But did you know that the Alamodome is also a hotspot for paranormal activity?

According to some reports, the stadium and its parking lot are haunted by the ghosts of people who died in tragic or violent circumstances near the site.

The History of the Alamodome

The Alamodome was built in 1993 at a cost of $186 million. It was designed to be a versatile venue that could host different events and attract more visitors to San Antonio. The stadium is the preferred venue for many trade shows, conventions, and concerts such as Monster Jam, Disney on Ice, and the Valero Alamo Bowl.

However, the land where the Alamodome stands has a much darker history. Before the stadium was built, it was part of a crime-ridden neighborhood. It was notorious for its high rates of murder, prostitution, gambling, and drug dealing. Many people who lived or worked there met their end in violent or tragic ways.

One of the most infamous incidents that occurred in The Bottoms was the Battle of Salado Creek in 1842. This was a skirmish between Texan forces and Mexican troops led by General Adrian Woll, who had invaded San Antonio and captured several prominent citizens. The Texans ambushed the Mexicans near Salado Creek, which runs close to where the Alamodome is now located. The battle resulted in heavy casualties on both sides, with hundreds of soldiers killed or wounded.

Another tragic event that took place near the Alamodome site was the 1918 influenza pandemic, which killed millions of people worldwide. San Antonio was one of the hardest-hit cities in the United States, with over 3,000 deaths reported. Many of the victims were buried in mass graves near Salado Creek, where they were hastily interred without proper ceremonies or markers.

Other Haunted Places in Texas

The Alamodome is not the only place in Texas that is haunted by ghosts. If you are looking for more spooky locations to visit, here are some suggestions:

  • The Historic Bowers Mansion in Palestine. This Victorian mansion is said to be haunted by the spirits of Mr. and Mrs. Bowers, who died in a murder-suicide in the 1950s.
  • The Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson. This hotel is one of the most haunted places in America, with reports of ghosts throwing things at guests, locking them in their rooms, knocking on walls, running down halls, laughing, and talking.
  • The Grove in Jefferson. This 1861 house is home to several ghosts, including a lady in white who wanders around the garden and a man who likes to touch women’s hair.
  • The U.S.S. Lexington in Corpus Christi. This decommissioned aircraft carrier is nicknamed “The Blue Ghost” because of its frequent paranormal activity. Ghosts here include sailors who died on board and a Japanese kamikaze pilot who crashed into the ship.
  • Bragg Road in Big Thicket National Preserve. This dirt road is haunted by a headless railroad worker who carries a lantern and searches for his missing head.