The Stanley Hotel, and The Ghost of Room 217

Freelan Oscar Stanley was the man behind the construction of the Stanley Hotel, which opened its doors in 1909.

The striking architecture of the hotel and the beautiful backdrop of the Colorado mountains became a prime destination for many high end guests.

Though the hotel looks peaceful and serene from the outside, it’s also home to a plethora of well documented paranormal activity.

Within the reports of paranormal activity at the Stanley Hotel, are the ghostly stories of Room 217.

Room 217 has now become one of the most requested rooms for guests. This is said to be the most active room at the hotel, and it all began with famed author Stephen King staying in the room with his wife back in 1974.

The Experience of Stephen King

After drinking at the bar, and taking a tour round the hotel, King decided to call it a night. On his way back to his room, he came across two children who were playing on the 4th floor. He thought this was weird, as at the time, there were no other guests staying at the hotel. After inquiring about the children, he later found out, that they didn’t belong to any staff member.

After King had seen the children, he continued the walk back to his room, when he noticed a fire hose in the hallway. Later that night he dreamed that his son was strangled to death by that very same hose. This gave him the idea for his novel, The Shining.

An Explosion in Room 217

The main ghost story of the notoriously haunted room 217 of the Stanley Hotel is traced back to 1917.

During a severe storm, all power was lost. The residents of the hotel were left in darkness.

Elizabeth Wilson, a member of the hotels service team, had volunteered to investigate the cause and possible solution for the blackout.

Elizabeth Wilson ventured into room 217, guided by the candle she was carrying which lit the route before her.

Unaware, she entered Stanley Hotels room 217 which had already been filled with gas due to a leak caused by the storm. The room exploded, and that part of the hotel was destroyed. Elizabeth was sent crashing through the floor and broke her ankle after landing on the floor below.

The Ghost of Elizabeth Wilson

Elizabeth survived the explosion, and went on to live a long life, until she passed away at the age of 90. However, it’s widely thought that she has returned to room 217 after her death.

Claims of belongings been unpacked, guests hearing the disembodied voice of a woman through the night, and objects moving on their own, all suggest that Elizabeth is still occupying room 217. Some guests have even reported seeing her apparition.

Room 217 of the Stanley Hotel is now a famed paranormal hotspot, and is one which is frequently investigated by paranormal teams.