6 of The Most Haunted Places You Can Visit in Salem, Massachusetts

Home to the famous witch trials, Salem Massachusetts is said to be one of Americas most haunted locations. With its rich history and ghostly tales, Salem is a prime location for anyone interested in the paranormal.

Many ghosts are said to haunt Salem, but here is a list of 6 of the most haunted locations in Salem.

Ropes Mansion

Ropes Mansion is the same building where the popular award-winning movie, Hocus Pocus was filmed.

The mansion belonged to a couple with two daughters, Elizabeth and Abigail, in the 1700s. During this period, Tuberculosis was rampant, and methods of treatment were not as advanced as they are today.

Many people died from the disease, including Abigail and Elizabeth’s parents. The two daughters had no choice but to fend for themselves. Soon after the death of their parents, Elizabeth also contracted the horrible disease, which left Abigail with no option but to take care of her for the rest of her living days.

After a short period of time, Elizabeth died, and Abigail was left depressed and devastated. She spent her remaining days screaming in the mansion and throwing objects at anyone who came to check on her.

People got so used to her screams, that when her gown accidentally caught fire, she screamed, but no one came to her rescue. She burned to death. Locals say that ever since, her ghost stands at the upper window of the mansion gazing outside.

The Merchant Hotel

The Merchant Hotel also takes its place in the list of the most haunted buildings in Salem. Its history dates back to the life of a Sheriff who brutally murdered those that were brought forth for witch trials. Some of the people he killed were known to be innocent. The sheriff went by the name of George Corwin.

During the 1700s, a lot of people hated him for killing their family and friends with such brutality, such as burning them alive. George Corwin died from a heart attack and was buried beneath his mansion close to where he held his prisoners.

He was buried beneath his mansion for the fear of the townspeople seeking revenge and tearing his body apart, due to the level of hatred they had for him. The Merchant Hotel, therefore, rests above George Corwin’s grave, and according to sources, the apparitions of George and some prisoners that died in his custody still wander the hotel from time to time.

The Witch House


Salem Witch Trials By Tompkins Harrison Matteson (1813–1884) – Unknown, Public Domain, Link

The Witch House is the most interesting building associated with Salem’s history. This is the only building directly linked with the Salem Witch Trials that still stands today.

Popular ghost investigators say that the ghosts of two females roam the house.

The staff of the famous American TV show, Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans, reported that they heard whispers, footsteps, and cries coming from different parts of the house.

Investigators would at times, see footprints in the dust on the floor of the house. This happens even when nobody had visited the place for a long time.

Howard Street Cemetery

The Howard Street Cemetery is directly linked to the ghost of a man who strongly supported the witch trials. He was known as Giles Corey. Giles was strongly against anyone who was tried for witchcraft, so much so, that he testified against his own wife, Martha.

He watched as Sheriff George Corwin mercilessly burned Martha to death. Soon, people testified against him, saying that he too was a witch. Just like Corey’s wife previously, George Corwin showed absolutely no compassion for him. His trial resulted in Corwin and his supporters pressing him to death with huge stones, despite his pleas.

It is said that to this day, Giles Corey’s ghost haunts the Howard Street Cemetery, and is likely to appear before something terrible happens in Salem.

Corey’s exact words to George before his demise were, “I curse you and Salem”. Four years later, George Corwin died of a sudden heart attack at the young age of thirty years.

The last time people saw Corey’s ghost, there was a great fire in Salem. That was the year 1914. Salem’s inhabitants describe him as the Ghost of Bad Omen. His curse against Salem might just be working.

The Houghton’s Mansion

The Houghton Mansion, constructed in 1890, belonged to Charles Houghton. He was a former Mayor of North Adams. According to sources, the ghosts of Houghton and his driver still haunt the mansion.

Houghton died in an accident while his driver died in the mansion.

Guests who visit the mansion claim to hear whispers and footsteps with no one in sight. The doors start banging, and lights begin to flicker shortly after they enter the mansion. An interesting part is the sound of a car starting from a distance and even the screech of brakes.

People wonder if Houghton’s ghost is trying to tell them to leave his property.

Hawthorne Hotel

The Hawthorne Hotel was built in the year 1923 on a site that was originally an apple orchard. The apple orchard was owned by a woman known as Bridget Bishop. Bridget was the first victim of the witch trials.

According to previous guests of the hotel, Bridget’s ghost still roams the halls, but is unlikely to cause any harm.

Room 612 of the hotel is said to be the most haunted location, as many guests report the figure of a woman standing outside the door. The reason behind this is unknown. Also, guests still smell fresh scents of apple fruits despite the orchard being non-existent for decades.

These are 6 of the most haunted places in Salem, Massachusetts, that you can still visit today, but there’s also many more places which are said to be haunted.