The Elder Scrolls’ Monsters, Myths, and Legends: A Survey of Tamriel’s Mythical Creatures

For centuries, the Elder Scrolls world of Tamriel has been home to countless creatures, myths, and legends. Mythical beings set the stage for this fantasy universe and are part of what makes The Elder Scrolls so special and unique. From the mysterious Daedra to the powerful Dragons, Tamriel is full of incredible creatures with captivating stories.

In this article, we’re going to explore Tamriel’s monsters, myths, and legends. Learn about the creatures that inhabit Tamriel and discover the stories behind them with us! We’ll cover the various monsters of Tamriel, including the Daedra, Aliens, Dragons, Giants, and more. Then, we’ll take a look at some of the most famous myths and legends, including the Grey Host, Red Mountain, and the Unhallowed.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of Elder Scrolls and explore its rich history, keep reading!

Tamrielic Monsters

Tamriel is home to many monsters and mythical creatures, such as Daedra, Aliens, Dragons, and Giants. Let’s explore each of these creatures in detail and discuss their impact on the world of Elder Scrolls.


Daedra, beasts of myth and legend in Elder Scrolls lore, are powerful and often dangerous creatures of uncertain origin.

They are said to be the remnants of pre-creation beings, birthed from the primordial chaos of Oblivion itself.

The Daedra possess a range of different powers and appearances, ranging from humanoid to monstrous. The Daedra can be both helpful and harmful, depending on their current motivations.

They are typically divided into two categories – Greater and Lesser Daedra – and are powerful enough to be considered beings of godlike power. Greater Daedras are often seen as the leaders of the Daedra, with the lesser Daedra acting as their servants or slaves.

The Elder Scrolls legend states that the Daedra were created by the Aedra, the gods of Tamriel, from the left-over bits of creation.

These pieces of creation were used to create the monstrous and powerful beings that we know today as Daedra. The Aedra believed that giving the Daedra power and influence in Tamrielic society, it would help stabilize the fate of the world.

The most commonly known Greater Daedra are the Daedric Princes, which are the most powerful and influential Daedra in Tamriel.

These Daedric Princes each command an array of Lesser Daedra, and can appear in a variety of forms, from humanoid to completely animalistic.

The Daedric Princes rule their own realms, known as Oblivion, and are often worshipped by cults as deities. Some of the most known Daedric Princes include Molag Bal, Hermaeus Mora, and Mehrunes Dagon.

The Lesser Daedra are often seen as servants to the Daedric Princes. They are usually less powerful than the Greater Daedra but still have their own individual abilities and roles to play. Some of the most common Lesser Daedra are the Clannfear, the Winged Twilights, and the Scamps.

Both Greater and Lesser Daedra have been seen in a variety of locations throughout Tamriel, oftentimes being summoned by mortals or even sometimes appearing in the mortal world on their own. They are encountered as a variety of threats to mortals and are often seen as a force of chaos and destruction.


Aliens are elusive creatures in the Elder Scrolls legend, as they seem to be almost exclusively mentioned in passing within the lore, never being a focus of the main storyline.

Alien creatures are unsurprisingly one of the more mysterious, and mysterious topics within Elder Scrolls mythology.

That said, they are said to inhabit the depths of Oblivion, far beyond the reaches of Tamriel.

The Maormer is a type of alien, which are sea-dwelling creatures of Aldmeri origin. They are known for their powerful magicks and hatred of men and merkind.

These creatures are highly intelligent and capable of manipulating the elements and conjuring powerful magics.

The Orsimer, also known as the ‘Orc-like Folk’, are said to be created by the Daedra and have a long and turbulent relationship with Tamrielic cultures. The Orsimer have a unique set of powers and are capable of feats not achievable amongst mer and man.

Finally, there are some creatures that may actually originate from Tamriel, such as the Dragonlings and other strange beasts. These creatures are said to be a result of magical experiments, or the product of powerful forces of evil.

They have been described as possessing a range of mysterious powers, able to control, manipulate and influence the natural world around them.

While it is difficult to know the true origin of these creatures, it can be safely assumed that each of these mysterious beings has a place within the Elder Scrolls mythology.


Dragons are perhaps the most iconic creatures associated with the Elder Scrolls series. According to legend, dragons were once the protectors of Tamriel’s deities but were driven away by mortals.

Though Dragons no longer exist in the Elder Scrolls universe, their legacy lives on in the form of powerful artifacts, magical treasures, and even entire cities.

The most common type of Dragon encountered in the Elder Scrolls is the Akaviri Dragon, which is native to Morrowind.

Akaviri Dragons are large, four-legged, and armored. They are powerful spellcasters and highly intelligent. Many Akaviri Dragons are capable of speaking the language of mortals.

Akaviri Dragons can use powerful fire breath, and their claws and teeth are capable of rending metal.

The second type of dragon encountered in the Elder Scrolls is the Dragon Priest, which is native to Skyrim. Dragon Priests are powerful necromancers and Draconic worshippers.

They are responsible for protecting the artifacts of Dragons, and some even possess their own forms of magic. Dragon Priests are often encountered in dangerous tombs and crypts.

In addition to these two main types of Dragons, several other species appear in the Elder Scrolls. These include the Frost Dragons of Skyrim, the Wyrm of High Rock, the Undead Dragons of Cyrodiil, and the Ash Spawn of Solstheim.


Giants are some of the most powerful mythical creatures in the Elder Scrolls legend. While they’re not as prominent as dragons in the Elder Scrolls, they’re still a huge part of Tamriel’s rich variety of mythical creatures.

They have been around since the time of the First Era, when they were known to inhabit the Jerall Mountains.

They are described as being roughly twice the size of an average human and covered in shaggy fur. They’re also known to be much stronger than humans, able to throw huge rocks and bend metal as easily as if it were clay.

In the Second Era, Giants often made their home in the Reach, where they mated with the native Reachmen, giving rise to a new race of half-giant creatures.

Giants made an appearance in the Third Era as well, where they acted as the guardians of the Elder Scrolls.

They are also known to be adept at magical arts, and some were known to be master enchanters. One of the most famous giants was known as Magnus, who was known to be able to manipulate the powers of Magicka.

Throughout the ages, Giants have remained a staple of Tamriel’s mythical creatures, and no Elder Scrolls fan can deny their presence.

They’re a reminder of the vastness of Tamriel’s landscape and the dangers that it can hold. Even today, many fans of the Elder Scrolls believe that there are still hidden pockets of Giants living in the more remote parts of Tamriel.

Myths and Legends

The Elder Scrolls legend has had a considerable impact on the land of Tamriel, inspiring many myths, legends, and monsters.

As the stories go, creatures such as dragons, Daedra, and the undead can all be found in Tamriel, but the truth behind these legends is often unclear.

Some may be based on actual creatures, while others may be nothing more than superstitions based on the fear of the unknown.

In any case, the beliefs of the people of Tamriel have shaped the landscape of the game, and understanding the myths, legends, and monsters of the Elder Scrolls is essential to understanding the game itself.

The Grey Host

The Grey Host is an oft-mentioned but rarely-seen Elder Scrolls legend that has been around for centuries.

Stories of the Grey Host have been passed down in Tamriel since the First Era, but the exact origins of the mysterious creatures are unknown.

The Grey Host is said to be a legion of spectral warriors that appear in the night sky, sometimes accompanied by a majestic, ghostly horse.

Depending on the tale, they are either a mortal army cursed to endlessly wander Tamriel or an army of undead creatures summoned by a powerful necromancer.

Whatever their origin, they are said to bring death and destruction wherever they appear.

The Grey Host is described as a powerful force of evil, with one tale claiming they are the servants of a primordial god bent on destroying Tamriel.

They are often said to be led by a powerful leader, sometimes referred to as a “lord of the dead”. The exact nature of this “lord” is unknown, however, and maybe nothing more than a figure of legend.

The Grey Host is said to have appeared in many parts of Tamriel. In Skyrim, for example, stories tell of a mausoleum in the middle of Whiterun’s plains where the spectral warriors appeared from the night and reached out to terrorize small villages.

In Morrowind, tales describe the Grey Host as riding across Red Mountain on spectral horses, appearing without warning and destroying everything in their path.

No one knows exactly what the Grey Host is or where it came from, but one thing is certain: its presence is sure to bring terror and destruction to anyone who encounters it.

The Elder Scrolls’ Monsters, Myths, and Legends are rife with tales of the Grey Host, making it one of Tamriel’s most enduring and mysterious creatures.

Red Mountain

Red Mountain, the great volcano at the center of the island of Vvardenfell, is one of the main locations in the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and is part of the mythology and legends of Tamriel.

Red Mountain plays an important role in many of the Elder Scrolls games, particularly in their mythology and lore.

Red Mountain itself is an active volcano and is said to have been created by the god Lorkhan as one of his first deeds after the creation of the world. He poured his own divine power into the mountain, and it has been burning ever since.

It is said that it was the home of a great temple devoted to the worship of Lorkhan and that it was the site of a great battle between the forces of Mehrunes Dagon and those of Azura, with Azura eventually winning.

The legends surrounding Red Mountain are numerous and varied, but some of the most important are the tales of the Dwemer and their magical city of Gnisis, which is located at the summit of the volcano.

The Dwemer were a powerful race of dwarves who, as legend tells it, were driven out of the mountain by an ancient spell that, when triggered, destroyed their city and turned them into ash.

The Red Mountain also contains powerful magical artifacts, such as the Heart of Lorkhan and the Heart of Lluabrau, which are said to have been crafted by the Dwemer in order to tap into the divine power of the volcano.

These artifacts are said to have been used to create powerful magical weapons and armor, which in turn were used to defend the volcano from attack.

Other tales tell of the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, who is said to have been the enemy of Azura in the battle at Red Mountain.

It is also believed that he created the magical creature known as the Ash Spawn, which roams the mountain seeking out unfortunate adventurers to devour.

The myths and legends surrounding Red Mountain are many, and they are varied. But one thing is certain: this mysterious volcano holds many secrets and is sure to be a source of mystery and adventure for many years to come.

The Unhallowed

The Unhallowed are creatures that originate within the Elder Scrolls mythos, appearing in the world of Tamriel since the earliest civilizations.

These monsters are believed to have been created in a time far beyond the Age of Man when even the gods had yet to come into existence.

They vary in form and nature, ranging from seemingly mundane beasts such as trolls, to vastly more powerful, supernatural beings like the Daedra and Dragons.

The Unhallowed have a terrifying reputation and are seen as the source of all kinds of dark omens and bad luck.

Their presence is usually enough to drive away any mortals who come into contact with them, and their deeds are often beyond comprehension.

One of the most notorious Unhallowed is the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, whose domain is filled with evil and destruction.

Other Unhallowed include the powerful Dragons, which are able to cause destruction on a massive scale and are often associated with the Elder Scrolls legend.

Although they are largely feared and loathed, some mortals have been known to seek out the Unhallowed, hoping to gain knowledge or power, or simply to test their own courage.

Such individuals might employ dark magic or rituals, or even recruit the aid of Unhallowed creatures. However, any who do so risk becoming corrupted by their connection to the Unhallowed.

The Unhallowed are a powerful and mysterious force in Tamriel’s mythology and are often seen as the source of its darker side. Although their true intentions remain unknown, it is clear that their presence in Tamriel has shaped its history and legends in various ways.

With so much yet to be learned, the Unhallowed are sure to remain a fascinating part of the Elder Scrolls legend for many years to come.

The Strange and Remarkable Creatures, Myths, and Legends of the Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls legend has grown over the years to include an incredible variety of monsters, myths, and legends from the continent of Tamriel.

The creatures of the Elder Scrolls serve as a reminder of the mythical and spiritual power of the land and its people and that the tales of Tamriel are alive and well.

They are not just a part of the past, but also a part of our present. The imaginative creatures of the Elder Scrolls and the unique cultures they inhabit provide a vivid representation of the fantasy world of Tamriel, making it a world full of mystery and wonder.

All in all, the Elder Scrolls’ monsters, myths, and legends represent a unique and fascinating glimpse into the world of Tamriel and fantasy in general.

By exploring these creatures, their stories, and the world they inhabit, we can gain an even greater appreciation for the Elder Scrolls and the culture of Tamriel.