Get Ready to Scream: Field of Screams Haunted House PA

If you’re in search of a spine-chilling and hair-raising experience this Halloween, then the Field of Screams attraction in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is the place to be. Unlike other typical haunted houses or hayrides, this is where your scariest nightmares become real, and you’ll come face-to-face with your deepest fears.

Field of Screams Attractions

Field of Screams is America’s #1 haunted attraction, according to USA Today, Travel Channel, Howard Stern Show, Time Magazine, Oprah Magazine, and Newsweek. It has been scaring visitors from all over the world for over 30 years, with four world-class haunted experiences and an impressive midway area.

The four attractions are:

  • The Haunted Hayride: A 25-minute ride through the dark and twisted cornfields, where you will encounter horrifying creatures and scenes that will make you scream. You will witness gruesome murders, torture, and cannibalism, as well as classic horror icons like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface. The hayride features state-of-the-art special effects, pyrotechnics, and animatronics that will blow your mind.
  • The Den of Darkness: A three-story haunted house that was once a hotel and a funeral home. Now it is home to the most evil and demented souls that ever walked the earth. You will have to navigate through dark corridors, narrow passages, and hidden rooms, where you will face bloodthirsty clowns, psychotic doctors, twisted dolls, and more. The den of darkness is full of surprises and scares that will keep you on edge.
  • The Frightmare Asylum: A haunted hospital where the patients have taken over and the doctors have gone mad. You will witness the horrors of medical malpractice, human experimentation, and insanity as you explore the wards, labs, and morgue of this forsaken place. The frightmare asylum is not for the faint of heart. You will see things that will make you sick to your stomach and hear screams that will haunt your dreams.
  • The Nocturnal Wasteland: A haunted trail through the woods where nothing is as it seems. You will enter a post-apocalyptic world where mutants, zombies, and monsters roam freely. You will have to dodge traps, avoid obstacles, and escape from predators as you try to survive this nightmarish landscape. The nocturnal wasteland is the most intense and extreme attraction at Field of Screams. You will need all your courage and stamina to make it out alive.

The haunted attraction will also host the following events for 2023.

  • The Field of Screams 5K Zombie Fun Run – Saturday, November 11th, 2023
  • Extreme Black Out – night of November 11th 2023

Field of Screams is located in Mountville, PA, in Lancaster County. It is easily accessible from nearby cities such as Baltimore MD, Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, New York NY, New Jersey NJ, and Delaware DE. It is open on select dates from September to November. You can buy tickets online or at the gate. You can also upgrade to a VIP pass that allows you to skip the lines and get into the attractions faster.

If you are ready for the ultimate horror experience, visit Field of Screams this Halloween season. You will never forget the chill of Field of Screams.