Wycliffe Well: The UFO Capital of Australia

Ever wondered why it is that most of the famous UFO mysteries, revolve around the United States? The likes of Roswell, Bermuda Triangle, and Area 51. Movies and TV shows probably have a lot to do with this, because if you count the number of them that have featured these destinations, you will have quite a handful. But you might be surprised to find out that Australia also has its own fair share when it comes to UFO sightings and abduction testimonials.

Wycliffe Well has become known as the UFO Capital of Australia, as it’s the destination in the country with the highest number of UFO Sightings.

They are so common here, that the locals claim you’d be very unlucky if you stay up all night and not spot anything. That’s how frequent alien interactions are in this small town, which is located in the Northern Territory along the main highway from and to Red Centre.

Why It Became Known as Australia’s UFO Capital?

Wycliffe Well was publicized by Lou Farkus, who is the owner of Wycliffe Well Holiday Park in 1985. He invested over 4 million Australian Dollars into this project and built a lake, as well as an auditorium during his 25 years stay here.

This idea was inspired by an American journal that described Wycliffe Well as the UFO capital of the world. According to Lou, the UFO idea was both good and bad for business. He argued that the strange lights would, at times, attract clients to the capital and at the same time, chase them away.

History of UFO Sightings at Wycliffe Well

The sightings of UFOs at Wycliffe Well started back in World War II. Soldiers would make reports and share stories about how they had seen unusual aircraft floating in the air. Back in the day, there were some folks who ran a roadhouse there, and used to keep a log where visitors would make reports of what they had seen.

The roadhouse was packed every night, all year round. Most people who checked in were extraterrestrial enthusiasts, and others were travelers. The clear horizon due to the flat topography in this part of the Northern Horizon could be the reason why people could easily spot UFOs.

UFO sightings in Wycliffe Well go way back. The newspaper clippings pinned on the walls of local restaurants is sufficient evidence to prove this. In these reports, there are stories and testimonials written by both believers and skeptics regarding alien activity.

Wycliffe Well the UFO Capital of Australia, as mentioned earlier, is one of the flattest places in the Northern Territory. This feature gives you a 360-degree view of the night skies. According to Lou, before he moved here, he was never interested in the extraterrestrial activity. However, after his first encounter, his passion for observing UFO activity rose drastically.

Years later, he says that he has spotted so many UFOs that he doesn’t bother looking anymore. He only waits for reports from visitors and other locals.

On the other hand, from the reports written by skeptics – they have claimed that the aircraft seen belong to the air force and not extraterrestrial beings. However, if you ask those who have seen these UFOs, they can tell you that there is a huge difference between the two.

Sightings of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Beings

From the descriptions gathered, UFOs feature both rectangular and square shapes. They also have flashing green, orange, and red lights. Some UFOs shoot colored beams in random directions, whereas others hover above the ground before dashing into the stars. One time, a huge UFO was spotted hovering above the park’s toilet block for some seconds before disappearing into the sky.

Though mostly spotted at night, there have been reports of UFO sightings during the day. Some travelers have also reported having a UFO on their tail while driving on the highway.

In Wycliffe Well, stories of abduction are very rare. It appears that the extraterrestrials here aren’t interested in people. They just observe the areas closely.

In 2003, a woman named Lisa made an entry indicating that she had spotted a UFO in the sky going at a steady pace. She wasn’t the only one who spotted this strange craft. A truck driver driving behind her saw the same thing. The strange light disappeared after a while, and they both agree that it wasn’t a comet or shooting star.

Another report from 2004 by a guy named Brad, indicates that he saw a silver shaped cigar object in the sky moving in random directions. He claims that he wasn’t imagining anything because his mother also saw it.

In 1966, more than 200 people saw a UFO at Westall High School. This is the most famous UFO interaction in Australian history. The group of 200 witnesses were all left in a stupor after seeing the unexplained aircraft, and it remains a mystery up to date.

Alien figures have also been spotted within Wycliffe Well. There was a woman who, in one instance, saw a flashing figure descend from a UFO into a bush. From the bush emerged three beings. The locals speculate the existence of an Australian Area 51 at Woomera Prohibited Area, which is a few minutes’ drive from the Stuart Highway.

The above are just some of the sightings reported. There have been numerous occasions when visitors have seen UFOs in this part of Australia. Most of the crafts reported are either circular, square, or cigar-shaped and have pulsating lights at the bottom.

Why Do UFOs Visit Wycliffe Well?

The name UFO capital of Australia might make one wonder what is so special about Wycliffe Well. Why do UFOs visit here so often? According to Lou, he says the reason for this is due to the fact that the town is situated on the converging point of several intersecting ley lines.

Not to mention, Wycliffe Well is located on flat ground. As a result, you can get a better view of the sky in all directions. This makes it easy for people to spot abnormal aircraft hovering with flashing lights or shooting beams to the sky.

There are so many theories regarding why UFOs visit this location. There are some who say there’s a special energy in Wycliffe Well, and that’s why aliens come to this part of Australia to harness it.

Irrespective of the reason that brings them here, one thing is for sure, it is only through these sightings and interactions that one day we might understand the reason for their visit.

Are we alone in the universe? Is there existence of life in space? Do aliens really exist? To find out, you will have to take a trip to Wycliffe Well the UFO Capital of Australia. There you can get to see UFOs for yourself and try to understand the mystery behind extraterrestrial activities. You can also go through the logs of UFO sightings. Brace yourself for hot days and eerie nights.