Despite The Many Sightings, What Does Bigfoot Actually Look Like?

Stories about Bigfoot have been told for hundreds of years. Bigfoot was a part of Native American folklore long before the Europeans even reached the continent.

In the last fifty years, there have been hundreds of claimed sightings of Bigfoot all over Canada, North America, and also in the mountain range of the Himalayas.

Sightings of these human beast-like creatures mainly occur far away from human population in the dense forests, but it has also been known to cross through wooded backyards and busy streets. But what does Bigfoot look like?

The wood ape or Sasquatch, commonly referred to as Bigfoot, because of its large footprints, is said to look like a primate mix of human and gorilla, but much bigger in stature.

Folk tales of these giant creatures date back hundreds of years in different cultures. In several Native American tribes, Bigfoot was known as ‘Omah,’ ‘Yeahoh,’ ‘Boqs’ and ‘Windego.’ In Asia, the Abominable Snowman, or the Yeti, is said to inhabit the snowy Himalayan mountains. Bigfoot is commonly described as a Sasquatch in southern Canada, and the pacific northwest of the United States. The name is derived from the Salish language of native American meaning wild men.

The reported sightings of these types of creatures vary greatly. However, some similar details emerge repeatedly. Most eyewitnesses describe the creature as a very tall primate that ranges from seven to fifteen feet tall, and walks on two legs. Though it assumes a posture of humans, it has a loping gait. Bigfoot is also said to be covered in reddish-brown long fur with a face mixed between a humans and gorillas.

Most witnesses say the beast has an unpleasant and strong odor while others say it has no smell. In some descriptions, Bigfoot makes strange gurgling or howling noises. Some reports say they are yet to see the creature, but have heard strange noises in the forests that do not compare to any sounds made by known animals.

Some witnesses suggest Bigfoot is cagey of humans but very curious about our activities. According to the folktales of most native American tribes, Bigfoot is described as a supernatural and peaceful being with spiritual powers and intelligence.

In many of these stories, people report seeing Bigfoot walking through the woods. Despite this, nobody has unearthed any proof of the Bigfoot despite all these alleged encounters which have led to most zoologists dismissing these stories as hallucinations, misidentifications, and hoaxes.