Thrilling Experiences at Disturbia Haunted Attraction

Are you ready for a unique and thrilling experience? Explore your deepest fears at the Disturbia Haunted Attraction! This immersive horror experience is sure to get your blood pumping and leave you screaming for more.

So what makes Disturbia Haunted Attraction so special? Read on to learn more about this unique experience, including where it’s located, what types of attractions are available, and when you can experience the horror.

What is Disturbia, and Where is it Located?

Disturbia is a haunted attraction located in Downer’s Grove, Chicago, Illinois. It used to be part of Screams in the Park, which was located in Rosemont, Illinois.

The previous owners of the attraction took a break and then reopened in their current location. However, The Basement of the Dead owners took over the ownership of Disturbia shortly after.

It quickly earned a reputation for providing some of the most thrilling and intense experiences in the city. It features interactive horror-based entertainment, designed to make visitors feel like they’re part of a real-life horror movie.

What are the Attractions in Disturbia?

One of the main draws of Disturbia Haunted Attraction is its extreme level of intensity. Guests are routinely subjected to loud noises, dark passageways, and frightening visual effects.

There is some entertainment in the queue, so you wouldn’t get bored while waiting for your turn inside the attraction.

Inside, the Disturbia Haunted House is brimming with frightful spectacles.

Themed Environments

Disturbia features a variety of themed environments, each with its own unique scares and thrills.

Navigate through a spooky pumpkin patch, a medieval crypt, and an age-old cemetery infested with petrifying beings such as demons, swine monsters, and an unsettling Raggedy Ann doll. It’s a delightfully repulsive attraction that boasts an aesthetic of horror.

Live Actors

One of the most exciting things about Disturbia is the live actors who bring the environments to life. These actors are highly skilled at creating terrifying moments, whether they’re chasing you down a hallway or popping out from behind a curtain. They’ll interact with you and try to scare you at every turn, making the experience even more immersive.

Special Effects

In addition to the live actors, Disturbia also features a variety of special effects to enhance the scares. These might include fog machines, strobe lights, and animatronics that pop up unexpectedly. You never know what to expect next, which makes the experience all the more thrilling.

Disturbia also sometimes holds lights-out events–either with just animatronics or with animatronics and full actors. During these events, visitors are given one glowstick to their way out of the 16,000 sq. ft. haunted warehouse in total darkness.

When is Disturbia Open?

Disturbia Haunted Attraction is open from late September to early November. It also opens outside of the “haunt season” for specific events like the “St. Patrick’s Special”, “Rotten Tails”, “Twisted Elves”, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Disturbia

Is Disturbia suitable for children?

Disturbia is designed to be a scary and intense experience, and as such, it’s generally not recommended for young children or those who are easily frightened. The attraction is recommended for ages 13 and up, and children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

How long does it take to go through Disturbia?

The time it takes to go through Disturbia can vary depending on the size of your group and how quickly you move through the attraction. On average, it takes around 30-45 minutes to complete the entire experience.

Are there any restrictions for visiting Disturbia?

Visitors to Disturbia must follow certain rules and restrictions, such as not touching the actors and not bringing in outside food or drinks. Visitors should also be aware that the attraction involves loud noises, flashing lights, and other sensory stimuli that may be disturbing to some.

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Yes, tickets for Disturbia can be purchased in advance online, which is recommended to avoid long wait times at the attraction. Tickets are also available for purchase on-site.

Will the Actors Touch Me?

The actors are not allowed to touch the visitors, though there are times that they may accidentally bump into each other.


Disturbia Haunted Attraction offers a variety of thrilling experiences that will give you the fright of your life.

Whether you’re looking for a good scare or an interactive adventure, Disturbia has something for everyone. So come visit Disturbia and prepare to be scared!

Disturbia Haunted Attraction is an exciting, interactive, and immersive experience that will leave visitors with a lasting thrill!