The Strange Phenomena and Curious Cases of Time Slips

We see and understand time as it was a linear concept. There is a beginning, a now, and a tomorrow. We have even gone as far as to make time an even more linear concept, creating the concept of days, hours, minutes, etc.

We live our lives by these times and these deadlines. It helps us get to work on time, get to our dentist appointments on time, and ensures we can schedule our day to day tasks with ease.

But what if time isn’t linear at all? What if it twists and even pretzels at points? Well, this concept might not be as strange as it seems and that is where time slips come into play. Time slips are bends or folds in the fabric of time. It is a linear unfoldment.

As scary as it sounds, it is time that is out of order. It might seem confusing, but there are a strangely large number of people who claim to have witnessed this unusual phenomenon. In a sense… it’s time travel. Here are three chilling stories, true stories, of people who have experienced a time slip.

The Baby Monitor

Our first story is about a woman named Sheri. Sheri says her experience happened on a normal, average, evening. Her husband and their two-year-old were curled up, asleep on the couch. Sheri said the TV was on and all was quiet in the house, apart from the TV. She was in the next room, tossing a load of laundry into the dryer. Sheri says that as she was throwing her laundry in, she began to hear strange rustling sounds on the nearby baby monitor. It was instantly strange because nobody was in the room with the monitor. She stopped her laundry and listened to the sounds coming from the monitor, only to realize that the sounds were eerily familiar.

Just 5 hours before, earlier in that same day, Sheri was in her baby’s room. She was cleaning up some of her baby’s toys and putting some laundry into his dresser drawers. Meanwhile, her two-year-old was playing and cooing happily in the crib nearby. Sheri says she was telling him the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” as she moved around his bedroom, working and cleaning up.

But this was 5 hours ago. Sheri claims she was taken aback as she listened to the sounds of rustling drawers, the cooing of a baby, and her own voice telling the “Jack and the Beanstalk” story. Sheri claims she stood there, frozen with unease as she listened to the spooky phenomenon over the monitor. She says she even looked directly into the living room at her sleeping husband and baby to ensure her baby was there, while the baby monitor played the sounds that happened earlier that same day. Stunned into disbelief, she then realized that it was a time warp she was listening to over the baby monitor. What she was listening to were the events from a few hours before.

Instant Re-play

Our next story comes to us from a Mr. Ryan Bratton. Ryan was only eight years old when he experienced a strange time slip phenomenon.

Ryan says he was about eight years old and he was sitting in his front yard, hanging out with his good friend. It was apparently a normal day, sunny and blue. He says that kids nearby were riding their bikes up and down the road. He and his friend were resting from their own bike riding and watching the others ride on by. A car suddenly came down the road and stopped just in front of the house in front of them. A kid got out, ran inside making silly kid noises.

At the same time this was happening, a little girl, in pink, rode down that same driveway on her bike. That should have been the end of it. There is nothing strange about that, right?

The car eventually left and so did the girl in pink, on her bike. Life went on and everything still seemed normal. It wasn’t though. A few seconds later though, that same car came making its way down the road.

It stopped in front of the house directly in front of them, just like it had done moments ago. A kid got out, ran inside making silly kid noises. At the same time, this was happening, a little girl in pink rode down that driveway on her bike. Ryan says he had to double-take because the phenomenon was so strange. It was like an instant replay or something.

Ryan claims it was the same scene that had just played out in front of them a couple of minutes before; same people, same timing, same car, same everything! Even his good pal had witnessed the strange event and to this day and they were both left feeling pretty weirded out by it all.

To this day Ryan and his friend claim the experience still gives them the creeps neither of them can explain exactly what happened.

The Old Hotel

Our last story takes place in October in the year 1979. Two married couples, the Simpsons and the Grisbys, were traveling through France together. They were on their way to Spain to enjoy a nice vacation together.

While in France though, both couples stopped and found a beautiful, old-fashioned hotel. Both couples thought it was the most charming little hotel they’d ever seen and decided to stay there for the night before continuing their journey onward.

Both couples enjoyed their stay there. They even took photos of the charming inside of the beautiful little hotel.

The next morning, they packed their belongings back up and continued on their trip to Spain.

The couples both had a wonderful trip and on the way home again, they had decided to stay at that old-fashioned hotel again, since their last stay there was so enjoyable. The only problem was when they returned to the same spot, the hotel was no longer there anymore. No signs of demolition, absolutely nothing. Just an empty hill and some surrounding trees.

It was almost as though the hotel had never even been there. The couple was absolutely certain that this was the same spot though and they were very confused about what had happened.

A few days went by though and once the couple returned home they decided to get their photos from their vacation developed. Here is where the story gets extra strange.

All of the photos came out looking spectacular…but none of the pictures from the hotel could be seen. The photos that were taken in and at the old hotel were all black and ruined. Even the negatives from the film showed nothing but blackness. Both couples still feel strange and uneasy when they speak of the bizarre incident. Perhaps somehow, someway, they managed to travel back in time.


Our world can be a strange and spooky place. For the people in these stories, it sure was. Time slips are a fascinating science but it’s sometimes more fascinating to read about the people who have experienced it for themselves.