The Most Haunted Pubs in York, England

England stands as one of the countries with the oldest cities. One of the most ancient cities is the City of York, which happens to house some of the most ancient pubs. The city has a history of hauntings in different locations that have survived the test of time. Some researchers tend to believe that the city reports the most incidences of hauntings in the whole world. Of the reported incidents, some occur in the pubs which have survived throughout history. The pubs have been preserved as tourist attractions, and iconic buildings.

This list explores some of the most haunted pubs in York, England.

Ye Olde Starre Inne

Ye Olde Starre Inne has a history dating back to the 17th Century. Most records show that it has been around since 1644. However, some historians tend to concur that it existed way before.

The pub was used as a temporary hospital during the civil war to treat Royalist soldiers. Groans and screams believed to be of the dead soldiers originate from the pub’s cellar.

Some visitors report catching sight of the ghost of an old lady donning black clothes. She is mostly spotted on the pub’s staircase. Records have failed to provide the identity of the lady, how she died, and her connection with the ancient pub.

The ghosts of two black cats also haunt the pub. The two cats are believed to have been bricked up in the pillar, set between the door and the bar.

People who take their dogs into the pub often see them act strangely, as they begin to growl, snarl, and bolt towards the pillar in an attempt of attacking something unseen.

The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece is one of the most haunted places in Yorkshire. With records dating back to the 16th Century, it is one of the oldest places in York. Records indicate that the pub has survived since its establishment in 1503.

The Golden Fleece is said to be haunted by more than 15 spirits. One of the most prominent spirits is the spirit of Lady Anne Peckett. Lady Anne was the wife of John Peckett, a one-time mayor of York. Visitors have reported seeing her wandering around the building. She moves things around while walking up and down the staircase in the dead hours of the night.

One-Eyed Jack also haunts the building. One-Eyed Jack is usually spotted in a red coat uniform with a pistol in hand. Records do not indicate whether he wears a patch or if he is missing one eye, and how he died is also unknown. He is spotted in the company of a grumpy older man at the bottom bar area.

The spirit of a young boy also roams within the walls of Golden Fleece. Local legends claim that the boy was trampled to death by horses. The incident occurred outside the inn long ago during the Victorian period.

The Black Swan

The Black Swan is an ancient pub that has gone through numerous transformations. The building was originally built in 1417 as a family residence. It was then transformed into an inn, in the 17th Century. It consists of a Georgian house, Elizabethan house and a black-white timber-framed house.

As one of the oldest premises, the Black Swan boasts of ancient paranormal activities. The building is haunted by a Chaplinesque looking figure who is seen pacing around the rooms. The figure dons a bowler hat and seems to be impatiently waiting for someone. The spirit disappears after a short while.

Another ghost spotted in the Black Swan is the spirit of a beautiful young woman wearing a white dress. The lady with long black hair is often seen looking towards the fireplace while swallowed in deep thought.

Full bodied apparitions are not the only hauntings though, as guests and staff members have reported seeing a pair of legs moving around in the Landlord’s private quarters. The pair of legs resemble the legs of a man. Most of the hauntings occur within the Elizabethan section of the house.

The Snickleway Inn

The Snickleway Inn is one of the most ancient premises of Yorkshire that still survives. Some parts of the building have survived since the 15th Century. The building has been put to different uses throughout its history, once serving as a brothel, and the Royalist powder magazine during the Civil war.

The building is one of the most haunted premises in York and Europe at large. More than five notorious spirits are said to roam the building. The ghosts include the spirit of Mrs Tulliver and her cat, Seamus. Guests and staff members have reported the feeling of Seamus rubbing against their legs.

A young girl’s ghost has also been reported to be roaming the Snickleway Inn. Most people have reported seeing the girl sitting on the stairs. The girl is said to have met her death on the road, at the hands of a brewer’s dray.

An old man’s spirit has also been spotted within the Snickleway Inn. The old man loves to rest in the cellar where he has been spotted sitting on barrels. He is believed to be the one hauling objects at guests and members of staff going down to the basement.

The Old White Swan

The old white swan dates back to the 16th Century. The pub is haunted by the spirits of a group of papists. The group has been spotted gathering around the fire in the early hours of the morning. Staff members that have previously put out the fire, report that it re-ignites by itself.

Visitors, locals, and staff members report incidences of moving furniture. The strange phenomenon involves furniture being thrown and tipped over by sets of unseen hands. Muffled voices are often heard. Footsteps are also heard across the building on a regular basis when no one is around.

Many beliefs about the paranormal are changed upon visiting some of the premises listed above. If you are the inquisitive type, or an individual that loves creepy things, you should visit at least one of the premises highlighted above. They are said to be the most haunted pubs in York.