The Haunted Calico Ghost Town, California

A former mining town in San Bernardino County, California, Calico ghost town is now pulling in thousands of tourists per year.

As a prosperous town that was founded 1881, it was home to 500 mines, which collectively amassed over $20 million in silver ore, during it’s 12-year span as a functioning mining town.

In the mid 1890’s, silver began to lose it’s value, and as it lost it’s value, the town of Calico lost it’s miners. They gathered their belongings and moved on elsewhere in search of their riches. This exodus from the town took place over about 8 years, until the town was completely abandoned.

Although Calico was once an active town for the living, it’s also said to be active with the dead.

The Ghost of Lucy Lane

Among it’s most famous ghosts, is that off Lucy Lane, a former general store owner, along with her husband John Robert Lane.

Lucy and her husband followed the other residents and left the town as business was no longer sustainable, but she again returned in 1916.

Witnesses describe how she can be seen in a black lace dress, rocking in her chair at her previous residence, or wandering between her home and the general store she once operated.

The Ghost of “Tumbleweed” Harris

Tumbleweed Harris was the town Marshal. His grave is frequently visited in the nearby cemetery, and his spirit is said to be among those still wandering the streets.

A man of large stature, with a white beard, he is said to walk along the boardwalks between the buildings, possibly still patrolling the town, keeping the peace.

The Calico School House

As miners brought their families to Calico, the town also needed a school house. The school house is featured in Ghost tours throughout the town, as a place where paranormal activity often happens.

Students are thought to have been seen through windows, although they only seem to appear to teens and child visitors, before shortly afterwards vanishing.

Teachers are often said to be responsible for a ball of red light which is often seen in the building, and are sometimes still seen and heard throughout the school.

A Place For Tourists

Calico is now a popular destination with tourists, though there are some that feel the tourist industry has over-commercialized the town, and taken away some of it’s natural beauty. The buildings have since been restored, and the town is no longer abandoned.

You can visit the old town for a day, spend the night in your tent, RV or even sleep over in one of the basic cabins.

If you’re thinking about visiting Calico ghost town, you can also take a Ghost Tour.