The Ghosts of Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle is one of the most popular tourist attraction sites in England. Tourists love it for it’s incredible historical heritage and location near one of the most historically significant rivers in England. The castle is located in West Sussex England, overlooking the river Arun.

The Ghosts of Arundel Castle

The castle was constructed in 1068 by one of the most famous architects in England, Roger De Montgomery. The castle was erected on Christmas day to symbolize its significance in the state. King Henry I commissioned its construction as a dower to his second wife, Adeliza. Since its completion, the castle has undergone several renovations and expansions to meet the growing demand of the visitors.

Different Royals have managed the castle throughout the history of England. In 1939, Empress Matilda was a guest and managed the castle for several years while fighting for escrow. During the world war, the castle was taken over several times, with each change leading to different management. Today, the castle is under the administration of the Duke of Norfolk who gained control since 1988. The daily operations of the castle including collecting fees, maintenance and cleanliness are run by a trustee appointed by the Duke.

The Ghosts of Arundel Castle

One of the most controversial features of the Arundel castle is the ghosts. According to historical records, there have been at least seven ghosts witnessed in the castle:

The Ghost Earl

The Earl ghost is the most famous ghost of the castle. The earl of Arundel is believed to have constructed the mansion. Due to his attachment to the masterpiece, he is said to roam around possibly watching over the grounds. Several photographers report having witnessed this ghost while taking photos at the castle.

Heart-broken Girl

The ghost of the heart-broken girl appears dressed in white. The ghost is believed to belong to a young girl who committed suicide in the castle. A heartbreak initiated the tragedy after she had a confrontation with a bishop who is believed to have been residing at the premise. During the affair, the young girl got pregnant. When she informed the bishop of the pregnancy, he was furious and broke up with her, leading the girl to commit suicide. This ghost is believed to appear mainly during the moonlight.

The Abused Servant

The ghost of the abused servant has been witnessed for over 200 years. The ghost belongs to a young boy who served in the kitchen. According to historical records, the boy is thought to have been tortured by his cruel master. He was overworked, beaten, and mistreated. At a young age, the boy was beaten to death by the wicked master. The ghost is witnessed to be cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the floors, and cleaning the utensils. Those who have seen the ghost report to have heard noises of scrubbing pans, pots, and dishes.

The Blue Man

The ghost of the blue man has been witnessed in the castle since 1630. The ghost is known to belong to a Cavalier who worked in the castle during the reign of King Charles. The blue man is believed to have been an intellectual academician since he is always seen to be hanging out in the library. It is believed that the ghost seems to be browsing books. He seems to be researching on something believed to be a will, missing text or answers to an intriguing question.

The White Owl

Contrary to a common belief that ghosts can only be human nature, the white owl seems to break from the norm. The spirit of the white owl is witnessed as a small bird surrounding Arundel castle. According to historical records, the Duke used to keep American white owls, and the ghost is believed to represent the colony.

The bird represents a bad omen in the castle. According to reports, the castle lost someone prominent every time the ghost of the white owl appears. The ghost is also known to cause the death of someone related to the castle every time it shows up.

The Man in Grey

The ghost of the man in grey is the most recent ghost to be witnessed in the castle. The ghost was seen in 1958 by a footman as he was crossing the ground floor to switch off the lights in the castle.

According to reports, the ghost was a long-haired man wearing a grey tunic top. The ghost was visible in the upper parts only. The spirit is seen walking in front of the foreman. When the foreman fastened his steps to catch up with it, it magically disappeared. There is still little information concerning who the man in grey is.

Canon Rumbles

The night canon rumble is another unique ghost in the castle. The canon rumbles are witnessed to be a distant rumbling of cannon fire. The sound seems to be from outside the castle. Reports indicate that the noise belongs to an army that is invading the castle. Historians believe that the ghosts belong to the military that served in the two world wars.

Modern Day Arundel Castle

The theory of the ghosts of Arundel has been challenging to prove. Several photographers have tried to provide photographs as evidence of the existence of spirits, but the credibility of the photos is subject to discussion. Other visitors, including couples who went to the castle for a honeymoon, have reported having witnessed the ghosts. However, the stories and photos have not provided conclusive evidence of the existence of the ghosts.

Today, the Duke of Norfolk doesn’t reside in the castle. However, several artifacts which are kept there indicate the existence of Duke’s presence in the past. The primary attraction in the castle today is sightseeing. Several tour guides have perfected the art and skill of the experience of the castle, and give guests a tour for a small fee.