The Ghostly Secrets of Oakland Community College

Do you ever wonder what secrets are hidden in the shadows of Oakland Community College? It may be an ordinary college campus by day, but the ghosts of Oakland Community College have a long history of terrorizing its students.

For centuries, students and faculty have reported multiple haunting occurrences, including sightings of a black-cloaked figure and a phantom bell ringing in the middle of the night. There’s a ghostly inhabitant supposedly lurking in the library, and an apparition is spotted in the hallway.

So what’s the dark history behind Oakland Community College? Join us as we explore the ghostly secrets of this haunted campus and uncover why the shadows of this college have been so disturbed.

History of Oakland Community College

Oakland Community College (OCC) is a two-year public college located in Oakland County, Michigan. Founded in 1965, it is the largest of Michigan’s community colleges and the sixth-largest college in the United States. OCC has a rich and unique history, steeped in the lore of ghosts and hauntings.

The land on which OCC sits has had a long and storied past. The area was initially settled in 1796 as part of the Royal Charter of Detroit, with the first settlers arriving in 1820.

The area was once known as ‘the haunted woods of Walled Lake’ and has a long-standing reputation for strangeness and haunted tales.

It was thought to be a particularly dangerous place to venture at night, with numerous reports of phantom footsteps, mysterious noises, and mysterious appearances.

These tales of the supernatural were further strengthened in the 1950s when OCC was established on the site.

The college’s ‘ghostly secrets’ began to emerge soon after, with numerous sightings of strange figures and sounds.

In the years that followed, countless stories of the ‘ghosts’ haunted the campus, including mysterious laughter, disembodied voices, and the sound of doors slamming.

These stories of the supernatural have become part of the folklore of OCC, and their presence is still felt on campus today. To this day, students and faculty talk of strange occurrences at night, and the campus is still thought of as having a mysterious, haunted aura.

Reported Sightings

Oakland Community College has a long history of hauntings and ghostly activity. Students, staff, and visitors to the college have all reported the same sightings over the years.

Reports include shadowy figures appearing in the hallways, apparitions or ghosts lingering around the classrooms, and strange sounds emanating from the old library.

Some students even claim to have seen an apparition walking the grounds late at night near the basketball courts. All of these sightings paint a vivid picture of an allegedly haunted Oakland Community College, and it’s no surprise that the rumors of a haunted campus persist.

The Black-Cloaked Figure

One of the most mysterious rumors surrounding Oakland Community College is the presence of a black-cloaked figure on the haunted campus. Reports from students, faculty, and visitors recount stories of a shadowy figure gliding across campus grounds late at night, shrouded in a long black cloak.

While it is unknown what purpose the figure serves on campus, the presence of this mysterious figure has been connected with several unexplained phenomena and hauntings rumored to occur at Oakland Community College.

The Locked Door

Located in the basement of Oakland Community College, a door is said to be locked tight. Local legends suggest that the door houses a secret that is too spooky to explore.

Students claim to hear strange noises coming from behind the closed door, giving them cause to believe that the building is haunted by the spirit of the past.

While there is not much information on what lies beyond the locked door, students of the college remain skeptical and stay away from the mysterious entrance.

Oakland Community College has long been rumored to be a haunted campus, and the locked door remains one of its most enduring mysteries.

The Phantom Bell

On the anniversary of the college’s founding every October, a ghostly bell rings out at midnight. It is said to be the spirit of the first student ever to enroll back in 1967.

Those brave enough to investigate the source of the eerie sound report that it comes from an empty bell tower deep within the center of the haunted campus. The origin of the bell remains a mystery, but for those who have heard it, the ringing is a reminder that the story of Oakland Community College is more than just an educational institution – it is a place where the supernatural and mundane intersect.

The Ghost in the Library

For years, students and faculty of Oakland Community College have been sharing tales of a mysterious figure inhabiting the campus. Rumors of the ghost have been circulating since the college first opened in the 1960s.

Many believe the ghost is a professor who taught at the college in the early days. They claim to have seen her roaming the library with her long white dress trailing behind her. While faculty and students alike have reported sightings, no one has been able to verify the existence of the ghost.

Despite this, the eerie stories of a ghost on the Oakland Community College campus continue to be told. Whether or not the stories are true, the idea of a haunted campus has become part of the school’s culture.

The Apparition in the Hallway

Oakland Community College is home to a mysterious apparition that has allegedly been seen in the halls. Over the years, many students and faculty have reported the sightings of a strange figure, said to be a female student, gliding through the halls in the late hours of the evening.

According to the rumors, when students see the figure, she will simply stare at them before vanishing. Many believe the apparition is the spirit of a student who perished on the campus in an accident years ago. Whether this legend is true or not, Oakland Community College has become known as a haunted campus.


Oakland Community College is known for being home to a variety of ghostly and eerie stories. From the tales of eerie lights illuminating the college’s campus at night to the presence of odd noises that can be heard echoing through the halls and across the grounds, it is undeniable that there is something mysterious and unexplainable occurring at Oakland Community College.

Whether these stories are true or merely tales of local legend, Oakland Community College is sure to remain a source of intrigue and mystery for years to come.