The Ghost of Catherine Howard at Hampton Court Palace

Catherine Howard became the fifth wife of King Henry VIII. Though married to the king, she found him to be repulsive, and instead began a liaison with Thomas Culpeper. This liaison wasn’t kept a secret for long, as rumors began to spread, which eventually made their way back to King Henry.

Furious, King Henry had Catherine Howard locked up in her own chambers at Hampton Court, and Thomas Culpeper imprisoned at the Tower of London, after which he was executed.

Catherine was left to mull over her situation, and in a last desperate attempt to save her life, she tried to plea with the King.

Knowing the King was in the Chapel at prayer, she ran through what is now known as the Haunted Gallery, to the Chapel door, screaming for King Henry to grant her an audience. To no success, she was dragged away by the guards, and was beheaded on the 13th February 1542, aged just twenty.

The Ghost of Hampton Court

The ghost of Catherine Howard is said to be the most famous at Hampton Court, who still roams the palace to this day.

The gallery in which Catherine ran down became known as the haunted gallery, as visitors to the palace often hear the loud screams of a woman, before they fade away. These are thought to be the screams of Catherine as she attempts to plea for her life.

There some reports which claim the ghost of Catherine Howard can be actually be seen racing toward to the chapel, in a white dress with long flowing hair.

The gallery also leaves people with an eerie, icy cold feeling as they enter, as well as the feeling of great sadness.

An Artists Paranormal Experience

After the gallery had opened at the palace, an artist was sketching some tapestry, when he witnessed the apparition of a female ringed hand move in front of the tapestry.

He sketched the hand, and later matched the ring to a portrait, as belonging to Catherine Howard.