More Coffins Uncovered at Ancient Egyptian Site of Saqqara

In September 2020, 13 well stacked coffins were uncovered in the desert necropolis of Saqqara, south of Cairo. The coffins were well preserved, and the 2,500 year old designs were still visible – displaying intricate artwork painted in blue, gold, white, black and red. The 13 coffins of Saqqara were left sealed and undisturbed until their recent discovery.  

Now, archaeologists claim to have found more coffins located at the ancient site. Two more shafts were located, which encouraged archaeologists to continue their search for more artifacts. Several more coffins have been found within the shafts, and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has revealed that more than 80 coffins have been discovered in total. 

In addition to uncovering the coffins, excavators have also discovered more artifacts, including gilded wooden statues.

A total of 28 statuettes have been found, which depict the god Ptah-Soker, as well as a carved statue made of bronze, that depicts the god Nefertum, measures 1 foot in height, and includes precious stones embedded in it along with the name Priest Badi-Amun who owned it. Several ushabti figurines and amulets were also found at the site, making it a unique, and incredible find. 

On October 3rd, members of the excavation team opened one of the coffins, as several onlookers watched eagerly in anticipation. Once opened, the coffin revealed a mummy that had been wrapped in ornate burial linen. The intricate design and inscriptions had managed to endure roughly 2,600 years of history, and had remarkably survived. 

The burial seems to indicate that those who were entombed their, were of high importance in ancient Egyptian society – probably top officials and priests of the 26th dynasty. 

Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities and Tourism, Dr. Khaled El-Enany, said the coffins would be taken to the Grand Egyptian Museum, and put on public display. Several pictures of the coffins can be seen here.

The Saqqara site where the coffins were located is part of the necropolis at the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis.