Joaquin V. González: Argentina’s UFO Town

In Northwestern Argentina, in Salta Province, there’s a town known as Joaquin V. González , which has become notorious as one of Latin America’s UFO hotspots.

Joaquin V. González became known for a couple of events which had UFO enthusiasts buzzing, beginning in 1995 for an event which has become known as the Argentinian Roswell.

Argentina’s Roswell

One morning in 1995, in the Serranía Colorada, reports came in of an alien craft which has crash landed near the town.

Pilot Antonio Galvagno who was in the town at the time reported hearing a loud explosion around 13:50pm, which had such as impact, that the entire town of Joaquin V. Gonzalez shook. As it was so powerful, he originally thought it was an earthquake.

Antonio Galvagno rushed outside to see what had caused the tremor, along with other residents in the area. He witnessed a plume of smoke containing metallic particles, which he thought was the result of a crashed meteorite or aircraft.

The private pilot climbed into his 2-seater aircraft, and took to the skies to investigate the source for himself. After flying over the area known as the Serranía Colorada, he found nothing, and after a few weeks of digging he was no closer to knowing exactly what had caused the explosion.

A couple of weeks had gone by, and he went to the national police to try find out any information. The police wouldn’t divulge any information, and forbid him from flying over the area, or carrying on his research.

All that remained was a scorched area of land measuring 500 meters by 5 kilometers. No official reason was given as to what had caused it.

This isn’t the only event which happened in the town of Joaquin V. González though.

The Blackout

On November 26, 2009, a cigar shaped craft was seen by dozens of witnesses in the skies above the small northwestern town.

Approximately 30 people had reported seeing a long, bright, cigar-shaped light hovering in the sky above a power station.

A few minutes after the sighting, around 20,000 people were without power, as the entire town suffered a blackout.

It was reported that the craft remained in the area for around 55 minutes, while continuously pulsating a red and white light, and operated silently.

At the nearby El Tunal power station, the craft was thought to have been responsible for melting one of the plant’s turbine generators.

As trio of friends Francisco Esquivel, Diego Sanchez and Diego Salas were driving home from the local theater, having left early due to the blackout, they suddenly witnessed a strange ball of light hovering over the power lines. As they tried to pass with caution, Francisco said the craft was flashing a bright light at them, which they thought was to try warn them to stay away.

Francisco was the designated driver of the vehicle they were traveling in, and he later said that the UFO’s fuselage shone with a metallic sheen, surrounded by an aura of bright white light.

There are many reports of UFO’s in the area, and it’s become a place of interest among UFO enthusiasts.