Haunted Pubs of Chester, England

The old city of Chester is riddled with amazing history. Its buildings date back to Medieval times and others to the Roman era, intermingled with modern architecture. Chester has an array of culture to offer.

It’s no surprise that the walled city of Chester has got a lot of wired, scary, yet exciting tales of paranormal activity to share with the world.

From houses to hotels (inns) and even walls, Chesterfield doesn’t fail to impress when it comes to the tales about ghosts or spirits. Let’s look at the haunted pubs in Chester.

The Pied Bull

The Pied Bull is believed to be the oldest licensed building in all of Chester. Built around 1155, at first glance, the Pied Bull seems like a charming traditional inn. Its located at the center of Chester, and it started out as a coaching inn back in the 11th century. It was also known as ‘Bull Mansion’ in the year 1854; it hosted George Borrow before starting his tour.

It won’t be a surprise to anyone that this ancient building has its share of paranormal activities. It has such a high reputation that it has been featured in the television show ‘Whines and Spirits’ a paranormal TV show.

It’s said that a man haunts the cellar. Its thought the man is John Davies who in 1609 passed on when he fell down the flight of stairs while carrying a knife.

It’s also believed that the spirits of former chambermaids haunt two of the bedrooms.

George and The Dragon

The George and the Dragon pub is believed to be the most haunted pub in Chester, with some even going as far as to say its the most haunted place in the England.

From its Victorian structure and bold black and white colors to its location, built on a Roman road that leads out of the fortress, it boasts of several ghosts calling it home.

There have been several sightings of Roman Centurions walking around the hotel. It is said that they are the original builders of Chester. It has been reported that over the years guests have heard the sound of men marching under the pub, believed to be matching along the old Roman Road.

If that’s not enough, the ghost of a monk can be spotted down the cellar. It’s believed that he was tortured and killed by soldiers. To top it all off, the manager has reported that the spirit or ghost of a young girl haunts the pub. She is said to have killed her mother by pushing her down a flight of stairs, now the spirit roams the pub full of remorse knocking things over and pushing people.

Visitors also report hearing screams, shouts, wailing, and whistles in the cellar.

Ye Olde Cock Tavern

The Ye Old Cock Tavern lays claim to the narrowest frontage in London. It dates back to 1549, and with all that history it won’t be a shocker to learn that the pub has its share of paranormal activities.

It’s believed that the pub has a ghost that belongs to a writer, Oliver Goldsmith, whose buried outside the bar. Goldsmith’s ghost gave customers a scare when it appeared before them in 1984. Later, a pub visitor encountered the head of the writer, the head was smiling at her and was disembodied. The woman’s scream was so loud that it was heard throughout the pub.

The Golden Lion or Golden Fleece Pub

The pub is located on the site of Britain’s oldest operating public house. In 1402, it opened up as a coaching tavern for pilgrims and travelers it was known as Lyon. The Golden Lion boosts of about 23 ghosts, and all have manifested themselves to travelers, but the most prominent is the ‘white lady,’

The white lady had celebrated her wedding reception in the pub but was later murdered in a location near the tavern called Harold Hill in the 1890s. Over the years, people have seen her and locals have grown so fond of her, as they claim she’s a harmless spirit.

She featured in a picture that was displayed in the pub.

Ye Olde King’s Head

Last but not least, is Ye Olde King’s Head. It has it’s place among the most haunted places in Chester. Rooms six and four are said to be the most haunted and have frequent paranormal activity. It is believed that the ghost of a young boy haunts these rooms and the building in general.

Visitors to the pub have reported the sighting a phantom figure wandering around the room clearly in search of something. In the 1930s, the pub underwent renovations, and a sword was unearthed beneath the floorboards of room 4. It’s widely thought is that this is what the phantom was searching for.

The sword is still hanging on the wall of the pub. Even after unearthing this sword there have been sightings of the ghost in the rooms four and six. A woman in 1982 alleged to have been woken up in room six to find a man dressed in black standing by her bed, observing her as she slept.

Paranormal activities in Chesterfield are in almost all areas and regions. This can be attributed to the history and age of the buildings; these paranormal sightings have become a tourist attraction themselves.

Other areas said to be haunted include Thornton’s Chocolate shop, Stanley Palace and the Chester City Walls.