Haunted 1928 Jail Goes Up For Sale in Florida

A historic jail in Florida has gone up for sale this week, and reports suggest that the jail which operated for 40 years, is now haunted by the spirits of those who were once incarcerated there.

The Old Gilchrist County Jail looks quite run down from the outside, but inside, some of the jail’s original features still remain. The original bath fixtures, bunks and cell doors are still intact. The Old Gilchrist County Jail even has running water, but no electricity.

For the willing investor, the Old Gilchrist County Jail is on the market for around $140,000, and boasts more than 2,000 square feet, with eight cells and eight baths. The property also includes a jailer’s house, which was added later on in 1965.

The current owner is a paranormal enthusiast named Arlene Hale, who received the jail as a gift from her husband. Arlene’s husband paid around $30,000 for it a dozen years ago. After hosting numerous ghost tours and paranormal meetups, the couple now look to move on from the property.

Paranormal enthusiasts claim to have heard and recorded disembodied voices, as well as seeing objects move on their own.

Hale claims that some of the inmates and the spirit of a man who was found murdered there in 2008 are the cause of most of the paranormal activity.

The 73-year-old has stated that she is finding it hard to maintain the property, although she is hoping to establish a deal with the new owners that will enable her to take part in further investigations.