Ghostly Encounters: Exploring Washington State’s Haunted Places

Washington State is full of mystery, adventure, and many haunted places to explore. From abandoned buildings to eerie forests, there is no shortage of ghostly encounters to be had.

Experience the fascinating stories behind some of the spookiest locations in Washington. Whether you are a thrill seeker or just looking for some fun stories to tell at your next dinner party, these haunted places will bring you an unforgettable experience.

Read on to learn about some of the most haunted buildings, forests, and other locations in Washington State.

Haunted Buildings in Washington State

If you’re looking to explore haunted places near me in Washington State, some truly spooky locations exist. There is no shortage of eerie locales, from old prisons to abandoned mansions, to investigate.

Some of the most haunted buildings in the state are the Thurston County Courthouse, the Old Everett High School, and the Kirkland Performance Center. Each of these places has its own unique history, and the locals have reported hearing mysterious sounds, catching site of ghostly figures, and feeling an overall eerie presence. If you are looking for haunted locations near me to explore, Washington State likely has a spot for you.

Fort Worden

Fort Worden is one of the most haunted places in Washington State and is among the most sought-after destinations for anyone who loves exploration and ghostly encounters.

Located in the city of Port Townsend, Fort Worden is a former military base that served in both World Wars and is now a public recreation and education area.

Fort Worden is said to be haunted by numerous spirits, with some reports dating back as far as World War I.

Visitors who explore the area often report the feeling of being watched, hearing the sound of ghostly footsteps, and experiencing eerie sensations like cold spots. Some report hearing crying, doors creaking open, and even seeing full-bodied apparitions.

The most common sightings and experiences at Fort Worden are those related to two former soldiers. One is believed to have perished in a fire that took place in the Officers’ Quarters building, leaving behind a ghostly image of himself in the doorway.

The other is said to be a soldier who committed suicide in one of the bunkers, and his apparition has been seen walking around the area, and the sounds of someone slamming a gun have been heard.

Fort Worden is a notoriously haunted location near me, and many visitors flock to the area each year in search of the paranormal.

If you’re looking for an eerie experience or a unique adventure, Fort Worden is a must-see destination for any ghostly enthusiasts.

The Curtis Hotel

A historic building located in the heart of Seattle’s downtown district, the Curtis Hotel has long been rumored to be one of Washington State’s most haunted places.

The hotel, which was built in 1909, is said to be the site of many spooky sightings, with guests and staff members regularly reporting strange noises, eerie feelings, and even apparitions.

The most common stories surrounding the Curtis Hotel center on the spirit of a young boy who is said to haunt its halls.

Some believe he is the spirit of a child who died while visiting the hotel many years ago. Reports vary, but the boy has been seen playing in the lobby or wandering the halls late at night.

Other guests have reported hearing the sound of a child’s laughter or crying emanating from the hotel’s basement.

The Curtis Hotel also has its own resident ghost. Known to staff and guests as ‘Helen,’ this spirit is said to have been a former guest who never left the hotel after her death.

Accounts of her spectral form have been reported for decades, with people claiming to have seen her in the lobby or walking the halls late at night.

Other reported hauntings at the Curtis Hotel include strange lights and shadows, disembodied voices, and sudden drops in temperature.

Guests have even reported having their belongings moved around without explanation. Those looking for haunted places near me or haunted locations near me need to look no further than the Curtis Hotel.

With its long history and numerous paranormal activity reports, it is certainly an experience like no other.

The Salish Lodge & Spa

Located in Snoqualmie, Washington, the Salish Lodge & Spa has long been known for its ghostly encounters. The lodge has been a popularly recognized spot for paranormal activities for decades.

Many guests have reported seeing the apparition of a woman dressed in white descending down the staircase near the lobby, others have felt a presence in their room and around the grounds, and many more have described strange noises coming from the upper floors late in the night.

The legends say that the hauntings here are related to a woman named Sarah, who died suddenly of a heart attack while running down the staircase in 1929.

Since then, tales of Sarah’s ghost have been recounted by visitors to the lodge. It’s been said that her figure can be seen descending the staircase every night at midnight and that she will occasionally greet visitors who happen to be around in the lobby at that time.

The lodge has become increasingly popular among those seeking to experience the supernatural, and visitors can stay in a piece of history.

The lodge was built in 1916 and has a rich, colorful past, making it the perfect spot for a paranormal adventure. Many visitors come to the lodge specifically to search for Sarah’s ghost, making it one of the best-haunted places near me.

As with any haunted location near me, the Salish Lodge & Spa requires respect and courtesy from all visitors.

As with any investigation of a haunted place, ghost hunters should exercise safety and caution when exploring the lodge and respect the privacy of other guests in the area.

As always, it’s important to remember that the paranormal activity on the premises is just as real for those experiencing it as it is for those witnessing it.

Haunted Forests in Washington State

The forests of Washington State offer an eerie backdrop for tales of ghosts and spirits. With its thick forests and misty hills, Washington State provides a seemingly endless source of eerie locales. Just a short drive away from major cities, there’s no shortage of haunted places near you in Washington.

Oyster Dome

Oyster Dome, located in the Chuckanut Mountains of Whatcom County, is popular among hikers and campers.

According to the local legend, Oyster Dome was once the scene of an accidental murder, and it is now haunted by the spirit of the deceased.

Tiger Mountain State Forest

Located near Issaquah, Washington, the Tiger Mountain State Forest offers a unique experience to those seeking a ghostly encounter. With its dense forest and towering mountains, it has been home to numerous unexplained phenomena.

The forest has a long and varied history, with its earliest paranormal recordings dating back to Native American myth and lore. In recent years, Tiger Mountain State Forest has become known for its various haunted locations, including local campgrounds and remote trails.

Witnesses have reported sightings of eerie figures lurking in the woods, strange lights in the night sky, and a general feeling of unease. There have also been reports of disembodied voices and laughter, and sightings of mysterious creatures.

In addition to these reports, Tiger Mountain State Forest is home to a number of abandoned mining sites. These locations are often the source of strange occurrences, such as the sound of footsteps in the darkness and the feeling of being watched.

Local lore suggests that some of these abandoned locations are home to ghosts who may be lingering in the area due to unresolved issues from their past.

Tiger Mountain State Forest should provide a unique and exciting experience for those looking for haunted places near me.

With its remote trails, deep forest, and abandoned mining sites, it provides an opportunity to explore the mysterious and unknown side of Washington State. However, visitors should use caution when exploring the area, as the forest can be treacherous in the dark.

Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve

Near Olympia, Washington, Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve is one of the most haunted places in the state. The area is filled with hundreds of small hills known as mima mounds, which are believed to be created by ancient spirits.

Visitors have reported feeling an eerie presence and hearing strange noises coming from the mounds. Many believe these noises are the spirits of those who once lived in the area.

Tales of strange sightings of ghosts and other supernatural phenomena near the preserve are commonplace.

Numerous reports from locals and visitors describe ghostly figures in the fields, eerie noises, and sudden temperature drops. Many believe that these occurrences are a result of the powerful energy emanating from the mounds.

The energy that is present at Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve has made the area a popular destination for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. Groups have come to the area in search of the truth behind the stories and while some have left disappointed, many have reported successful paranormal investigations.

Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve is one of the most popular haunted places near Olympia, Washington, and is well worth exploring for anyone interested in learning more about haunted places near me or haunted locations near me.

The eerie atmosphere and mysterious mounds draw visitors from all corners of the globe, making it a must-see destination for anyone interested in the paranormal.

Kitsap Memorial State Park

Located in Kitsap County, Washington, Kitsap Memorial State Park is one of the state’s most haunted spots.

The park is said to be home to more than one paranormal entity, making it a must-visit destination for any ghost-hunters looking for haunted places near me.

The most commonly reported psychic phenomenon at Kitsap Memorial is the unwelcoming presence of a young woman wearing an old-fashioned dress with an apron.

Often referred to as the ‘Lady in White’, this apparition has been spotted walking around the woods or along the beach by many visitors to the park. Witnesses describe the woman as having a sorrowful air about her and often vanishing without a trace.

In addition to the Lady in White, the park is said to be inhabited by a benevolent spirit known as the ‘Guardian of the Woods.’

Though he’s been spotted far less often than the Lady in White, those lucky enough to have seen him describe him as a kind, elderly man wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a farmer’s overalls.

He reportedly offers gentle guidance and comforting advice to those who get lost in the woods.

Kitsap Memorial State Park is also rumored to be a former site of Native American burial grounds, and many visitors have reported seeing eerie visions of faceless Native American figures in the woods.

Other paranormal activity reported by visitors includes shouting and wailing emanating from the woods late at night, unexplained cold spots, and the feeling of being watched by unseen eyes.

No visit to Kitsap Memorial State Park would be complete without exploring some of its secret and secluded areas, as many of the park’s most haunted locations are tucked away in its various nooks and crannies.

For those looking for other haunted locations near me, it’s worth exploring the park’s abandoned buildings and old graveyards in search of a supernatural encounter.

Other haunted forests near you in Washington State include the well in the Curlew National Grassland, the Iron Horse Trail, and the Valley of the Spirits near Okanogan.

All of these locations have tales of mysterious sightings and ghostly apparitions. Whether you’re looking for a nighttime retreat or a spine-tingling adventure, Washington State’s haunted forests offer plenty of opportunities for exploration.

Other Haunted Locations in Washington State

Washington State is full of mysterious sites and haunted locations. For those looking for a ghostly experience, here are a few other haunted places near me to explore.

Manresa Castle

Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, Washington, is one of the state’s most infamous and haunted places. This 19th-century castle was built by Charles Eisenbeis for his family in 1892 and has since had a tumultuous and paranormal-filled history.

It is believed that the castle is haunted by an unknown spirit known as the ‘Lady in White’, who is seen walking the halls of the castle late at night.

Other reports of activity at the castle include cold spots, moving furniture, and strange sounds. Guests who have stayed at the castle have also reported feeling a presence in their rooms, even when they are alone. Additionally, others have reported hearing faint music and disembodied voices.

One of the most mysterious tales associated with the castle is that of the ‘Crying Lady.’ It has been reported that a woman’s voice can be heard crying late at night in the chapel of Manresa Castle.

Some believe that this is the spirit of a woman who died before the castle was built, while others claim that it is the ghost of a woman who died in childbirth at the castle in the early 1900s.

Manresa Castle is an ideal spot for ghost hunters who are looking for haunted locations near them. Visitors to the castle report a palpable energy, making this one of the most haunted places in Washington State.

Whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure or just a place to soak in local history, Manresa Castle will surely make for a memorable experience.

Point Whitney Pavilion

Located on Fox Island, Washington, Point Whitney Pavilion is one of the most haunted places in the state. With its long and spooky history, the pavilion has been the source of many ghostly encounters since its establishment in 1936.

The pavilion was originally created by the Fox Island Women’s Club for the purpose of entertaining guests and hosting dances.

By the 1950s, it had become a popular destination for wedding parties and other celebrations. However, the pavilion was not without its secrets– its past was wrought with tragedy, and the locals considered the pavilion to be haunted.

Throughout the years, visitors to the pavilion have reported a variety of supernatural phenomena. Many visitors have mentioned hearing whispers, seeing shadowy figures, and feeling a chill from an unseen presence.

Witnesses have also reported doors and windows slamming shut, objects moving on their own, and disembodied voices. In addition, there have been reports of eerie lights, strange noises, and mysterious shadows.

Today, Point Whitney Pavilion still stands as one of the most haunted places near me. Despite its spooky history, the pavilion remains a popular destination for all sorts of events, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Visitors are encouraged to visit the pavilion and explore its haunted locations near me and beyond.

Olympic Game Farm

Olympic Game Farm is one of the most haunted places in Washington State, boasting a plethora of ghostly encounters and unexplained phenomena.

Located in Sequim, Washington, the game farm was established in the 1930s and once served as a facility for exotic animal displays and parks.

Now the area is dedicated to providing a safe haven to wild animals, but it is also home to a plethora of paranormal activities.

Witnesses have reported hearing strange noises floating through the air, such as growling and screams. Many have seen full-bodied apparitions in the form of animals, humans, and even children.

Lights have been seen flickering in the buildings, and there are reports of objects being thrown around and even being moved on their own.

The Olympic Game Farm is also known to be a hot spot for supernatural sightings. Many have reported feeling a presence watching them, and some have even felt the sensation of being touched.

On some occasions, people have seen shadowy figures, often described as being cloaked in black, lurking in the shadows of the trees.

If you’re looking for haunted locations near me, the Olympic Game Farm is definitely a place to check out. You may even come across some eerie activity, so it’s best to be prepared when exploring the grounds.

Other sites worth mentioning include the historic Hamilton Mansion in Seattle. It is said to be haunted by the former owners. Visitors have reported their lights turning on and off on their own and experiencing a heavy presence in the home.

In Spokane, the Fox Theater is a popular spot for ghostly encounters. In particular, the ghost of a former stagehand is said to walk the corridors, and a tale of a young girl who tripped and accidentally hanged herself remains in the collective memory of locals.

Port Angeles, the city’s oldest Lincoln school, contains plenty of ghostly lore. People have reported hearing mysterious footsteps, and some visitors claim to have seen spectral figures throughout the building.

These are just a few of the many haunted locations near me in Washington State. There are certainly many more places to visit if you’re looking for a spooky experience.


Washington State is filled with many mysterious and haunted places. From haunted buildings like Fort Worden and the Curtis Hotel to haunted forests such as Tiger Mountain State Forest and Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve, to other haunted locations such as Manresa Castle, Point Whitney Pavilion, and the Olympic Game Farm, there are many places for ghostly encounters in Washington State.

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, visiting each of these locations can uncover ghostly evidence and mysteries of the past. It is up to the individual to search and explore the haunted places to find out the truth behind each unique and remarkable location.