Ghost Hunters Can Now Stay The Night in The UK’s Most Haunted Prison

Shepton Mallet Prison was once a notorious jail, known for housing some of the worst criminals in the UK.

Now dubbed the UK’s most haunted prison, Shepton Mallet will open it’s doors once again for anyone daring enough to brave a night in a cell that once held dangerous inmates.

The prison is steeped in dark history, with unmarked graves of executed prisoners around the grounds, to famous names like the Kray twins – Ronnie and Reggie – having once been imprisoned there.

Having been built in 1610, the prison was the oldest operating prison in the UK, housing a total capacity of 200 inmates, but the prison finally closed it’s doors at the end of 2013.

Shepton Mallet prison has a history of carrying out death sentences, using methods such as HDQ, hanging and firing squad.

After the Monmouth Rebellion of 1642-1685, 12 Shepton men were hung drawn and quartered for having sympathized with the rebels. Their bowels were burned and their heads placed on poles around the town.

The hanging room still exists, but the gallows were removed in 1967 after the prison returned to civilian use in 1966.

The last death sentence at Shepton Prison was carried out by the military in 1945.

Bump in the Night events company will be hosting stay overs for anyone wanting to pay the ticket price of £39. Tours of the prison will begin in October and lead up to Halloween.

If you’re planning a tour you will be provided with snacks and ghost hunting equipment as you wander through the prison.

People can choose to stay until 2am or 6.30am if they want to sleep over.

Fancy a night ghost hunting in the most haunted prison in the UK? Check out the event and ticket prices here.