Experience Thrills & Chills At Creepy Hollow Haunted House!

Voted as the scariest haunted house in Texas, Creepy Hollow Haunted House features three haunted attractions–the 288 Scare Factory, Darkwoods, and Pitch Black, and multiple shows.

The attraction is located in Rosharon, just a few minutes from downtown Houston.

Haunted Attractions Back Story

Here are the back stories for the haunted attractions featured at the Creepy Hollow Haunted House.

288 Scare Factory

The 288 Scare Factory serves as a mobile research facility for viral genetics.

The Nouveau Genesis Corporation aims to eradicate all human ailments by employing genetic manipulation through viruses.

However, a mishap has occurred, and if the virus escapes, it could bring about the extinction of life as we know it.

The Dark Woods

The Dark Woods, a dense forest area situated behind the premises of the Nouveau Genesis Corporation, has played host to a series of unfortunate events.

Throughout the years, the factory’s caretaker was entrusted with the task of disposing of the facility’s waste. However, driven by greed, he decided to pocket the disposal fees and instead dumped the waste in the woods.

The woods had always served as a refuge for transient wanderers and individuals seeking anonymity.

As the contaminated waste seeped into the water and soil, the inhabitants of the Dark Woods underwent a gradual transformation. Their skin began to peel and blister, while teeth and hair fell out. Once the mutation fully took hold of their bodies, a pang of insatiable hunger for human flesh consumed them.

One fateful day, the Caretaker found himself caught off guard by one of the mutated vagrants. Losing his balance with a barrel of waste, he suffered severe burns from head to toe. In agonizing pain, he screamed as the vagrant tore at his flesh.

Miraculously, he managed to escape using a nearby rusty shovel. Now bearing scarred eyes, burned skin, and armed with his trusty yet worn shovel, the Caretaker roams the grounds of Creepy Hollow, searching for fresh skin to replace his ravaged flesh.

Pitch Black

In any research endeavor, there are instances where the outcomes prove to be unstable and necessitate proper containment.

Situated adjacent to Nouveau Genesis at Creepy Hollow, Pitch Black serves as a holding facility.

Once the factory began experimenting on human subjects, peculiar and uncontrollable side effects began to manifest among some. These individuals became deranged, grotesque, and increasingly aggressive.

The scientists discovered that they could manipulate the condition of the subjects based on the type of light they were exposed to.

Bright and glowing lights induced complete insanity, while absolute darkness transformed them into ruthless killing machines.

Fearing the possibility of spies and competitors observing or infiltrating their facility, Nouveau Genesis devised an area known as Pitch Black.

This specialized zone utilized both disorienting lights and total darkness to harness the lethal capabilities of these rejected subjects, thereby enhancing security measures.

Venturing through the treacherous Dark Woods and braving the perils of Pitch Black is a task few can accomplish, ultimately granting access to the secrets hidden behind the walls of the enigmatic 288 Scare Factory.


Visitors of the Creepy Hollow will also get to see the following shows.

  • Freak Show Stage
  • Creepy Hollow World Of Oddities
  • Voodoo Dance Lounge
  • Aerial Performance Stage
  • Fire Show Stage

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the haunted attraction open?

Creepy Hollow Haunted House is open on weekends from the end of September through October.

Sometimes they also open during the Christmas season.

Are there any age restrictions?

The attraction will accept anyone regardless of age. Parents should assess if their children can handle the show. No refunds will be given in case visitors decide to back out.

What rules should visitors be aware of?

Taking pictures inside the attraction is not allowed. Weapons, alcoholic beverages, and pets are not allowed on the property.

Will visitors be touched?

Actors are allowed to touch the visitors as part of the act.

Experience Thrills and Chills at Creepy Hollow Haunted House

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience that will leave you screaming with delight, then Creepy Hollow Haunted House is the perfect destination for you.

This haunted house offers a mix of fear and excitement that will keep visitors on the edge of their seats. Enjoy the thrills and chills of a truly terrifying experience this Halloween season!