Edgar Cayce’s Prophecies on Atlantis

Edgar Cayce who is also known as the Sleeping Prophet, was one of the most prominent psychics in American history. He was born in 1877 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Edgar had little formal education; he dropped out in ninth grade due to his parent’s financial constraints. He spent his early years on the farm, helping his parents who were farmers.

Edgar started exhibiting psychic abilities while still a child. He would communicate with the spirit of his dead grandfather, had special invisible friends, and had the ability to read a book by merely lying on it. As the most documented psychic, Edgar would later give readings to thousands of seekers; diagnosing sickness, predicting the future and revealing the past. He is accredited with predicting the two world wars, the economic recession, and the death of the two US presidents who died while in office John Kennedy and William McKinley.

History of the City of Atlantis

Edgar’s visions and predictions about Atlantis is one of the most researched topics by archaeologists. His predictions regarding Atlantis covered the history, discovery, and the subsequent destruction of the city. In the projection, Edgar stated that a “new land” would emerge off the coast of North America. In his description, the rising city would be one of the most powerful states with over 1000 chariots, a large variety of wildlife including elephants and bulls, more advanced technology and a series of canals making entry to the city. This prediction is synonymous with what Plato wrote about the mighty city of Atlantis more than 2000 years ago.

Atlantis Technology

Edgar predicted that Atlantis would be the most technologically advanced city. He maintained that the people would exploit the powers of the quantum world, and use crystals, steam, air, and lasers to harness sound waves. They used quartz crystal science in the mining of precious minerals, including gold, copper, and silver. Cayce also believed that they had gas balloons, elevators, x-ray devices, airplanes, television, antigravity machines, and submarines. The technological advancement in the society of Atlantis was a vital component in the culture. It is believed that this technology led to the fall of the city.

Atlantis Wars

Edgar predicted that the advancement in technology was the curse that would bring down the powerful state of Atlantis. In its last days, two powerful forces fought over the control of the city. One force referred to as the “children of the law” fought to return to the law of stewardship. The other group referred to as the “sons of Belial” fought for an opportunity to exploit the natural resources for economic gain. The sons of Belial wanted to continue controlling and extorting the sub-human slaves while the children of the law wanted them released and empowered. The contrast between the two forces was conspicuous; while the children of the law fought for spirituality and preserving nature, children of Belial wanted economic empowerment at any cost.

Fall of Atlantis

At the height of the Atlantis war, the sons of Belial developed a crystal machine. The machine was to be used to harness energy from the sun. Edgar said that the sons of Belial were corrupt, greedy, and ambitions. Their desire to build a stronger empire made them susceptible to greed and manipulation. The crystal machine is a classic example of greed. While designing the device, its capacity was pre-determined by the designers. However, due to desire, the sons of Belial overloaded the machine leading to an explosion. The explosion of the crystal machine split Atlantis into five islands and led to the fall of the state.

Edgar’s account of the fall of Atlantis resonates with Plato’s theory. Plato, the great Greek philosopher, wrote about the island, mentioning that its fall was caused by greed, corruption and a lack of consciousness. Edgar Caycee blames the disintegration and fall of Atlantis on the people’s greed and lust.

Journey to Egypt

Upon the fall of the city, several Atlanteans left the island for Egypt. Egypt was regarded as a holy land. During the Exodus, there was an interaction of the culture and civilization of the Egyptians and the idolatry brought by Atlanteans. This interaction created tension in the land, which eventually culminated in a war. According to Edgar, the war disintegrated the Atlanteans, but as the sun rises in the east, they rose again. Cayce revealed that the Atlanteans who migrated to Egypt wanted to preserve a record of their civilization. The record of their history and accomplishments is buried in an archive known as Spinx’s paws.

Modern Evidence

Edgar’s account of the city of Atlantis continues to elicit curiosity among archaeologists today. The evidence regarding the existence of the city proves that Edgar’s prediction was right. One prominent evidence is the discovery of the Bimini road in the Atlantic Ocean. The road was discovered in 1968/69, which was the time Edgar had predicted that Atlantis would be discovered. The exact location of Atlantis is a shred of modern evidence that scientists are still debating on.

Edgar predicted that Atlantis would emerge off the coast off North America. Science however, has pinned this location to be Santorini. The floods and volcanic eruptions that have emerged since civilization provides evidence that Atlantis could have been the modern-day Santorini. Also, the Spinx’s paw, which is believed to contain records of Atlanteans civilization, is preserved in a museum in Egypt.

Philosophical Interpretation

Historians and philosophers have differing opinions regarding the existence of Atlantis. While historians believe the city existed, philosophers consider the city to be a fallacy created by Plato to demonstrate the consequences of greed and ambition in society.

Edgar’s account of the city of Atlantis supports the articles written by Plato. In the report, the rise and fall of society rest in the choices of the people. When people choose ambition, greed, wealth, and power over morality, the city is bound to collapse. This theory is applicable in modern society where powerful states have been brought down by the greed and ambition of a few selfish leaders.