aztec land of aztlan

The Aztecs have puzzled and intrigued researchers for centuries, and the origins of the Aztec people is still a mystery. Mythical lands throughout various cultures have come and gone – including for the Aztecs. They have stories of their own mythical land, lost in time just like Atlantis, Lyonesse andRead More →

Andrew Lang Folklorist

Andrew Lang was a folklorist, poet, novelist, editor, translator, compiler, biographer, essayist, and literary critic who contributed heavily to anthropology. He is well known as a collector of fairy and folk tales. Despite being a professional author who has contributed much to history, anthropology, and mythology; Andrew Lang is madeRead More →

Solomon Island Giants

The Solomon Islands have become an interesting place of myth and folklore in recent years, surrounded by stories of war, Biblical gold, giants that roam the wild jungles and frequent UFO activity. Researchers claim the islands are home to an abundance of traditions – passed down through the generations ofRead More →