Bernie Sanders Pledges to Release Any Information About Aliens in 2020: If He’s Elected President

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he will release any government held information about UFO’s if he wins the next U.S election, at the request of his wife, Jane.

In a podcast with Joe Rogan on August 8th, Bernie Sanders said he would even announce the findings on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

A pretty great campaign strategy, with more people becoming infatuated with the UFO phenomena, and conspiracies spurred along by influential people in the field like Bob Lazar. The public’s interest is at an all time high, and with people wanting to know the truth behind the so called government cover ups, in particular cases like that of Roswell, it’s a great way to use people’s curiosity to get them onside.

“Well, I’ll tell you, my wife would demand that I let you know,” Sanders said, as he also went on to say his wife had been pressing him for information since his days as a senator, and for any inside information he might have.

An increase in reports by USAF pilots this year, has reinvigorated people’s curiosity, with pilot accounts considered reliable, first hand accounts.

Former Presidents have been quizzed as to what’s going on with UFO sightings and Alien life, but all have come to no avail. President George W. Bush was asked the question by Jimmy Kimmel. Former Presidents Obama and Clinton were also quizzed.

One things for sure, if he did want to release information to the public regarding UFO’s, the powers that be would probably want to prevent it. It wouldn’t be as easy as he thinks.