Bellamy Bridge and The Ghost of Elizabeth Jane Bellamy

As with other haunted locations around the world, there is often some underlying story of tragedy or violence behind the reports of paranormal activity. Bellamy Bridge is located near Marianna, Florida, and is one such place. 

Walk the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail and it will lead you to a historic steel frame bridge, which happens to be one of the oldest bridges in the entire state of Florida, constructed in 1914. 

Tales of tragedy and the paranormal are associated with the bridge, and it’s said to be one of the most haunted in the state. 

The bridge is popular with hikers, and numerous sightings of eerie blue and white orbs have been reported by spooked visitors. Sightings of a human-shaped mist have also been reported, which is believed by many to be the ghost of a young woman named Elizabeth Jane Bellamy, who appears to be dressed all in white. 

The tragedy of Elizabeth Jane Bellamy is one of the well known stories associated with the bridge. However, the truth of the story has become mixed with folklore, so discerning fact from fiction is important. 

Elizabeth Jane Bellamy was married to Dr. Samuel C. Bellamy on July 15, 1834. They lived just a few miles from the bridge, at Rock Cave Plantation.

Having contracted a fever, Elizabeth died on May 11th, 1837. She was only 18 years old, and was buried near to where the bridge stands today. 

She had a son, named Alexander, who unfortunately also succumbed to a fever, and was buried next to Elizabeth. Dr. Samuel C. Bellamy spent the last remaining years grieving the loss of his wife and young son. He never remarried, and unable to cope, he eventually took his own life in 1853. 

Local folklore tells a different story of how Elizabeth passed away. According to local accounts, Elizabeth and Samuel married in a ceremony in the backyard of a local mansion, which Samuel had built as a gift for Elizabeth. During the ceremony, her dress caught fire, after she had ventured too close to either a burning candle or fireplace. Locals claim she passed away as a result of her horrible burns just a few days later. 

Elizabeth Jane Bellamy’s spirit is now said to roam the area surrounding the Bellamy Bridge, still looking for her husband. Some locals have even claimed that she has been seen appearing as a ball of fire on the old steel frame bridge. Her spirit mainly appears on dark misty nights.