Ancient Tomb Discovered Under Notre Dame Cathedral

Workers hoping to restore the Notre Dame Cathedral to its former glory in France after the fire it suffered in 2019, have stumbled upon some interesting archeological finds.

The objects have been described as being “of remarkable scientific quality” by the French culture ministry. These include a “well preserved” body, which is believed to have been a senior dignitary from the 14th century.

The finds were made under rubble when workers were erecting scaffolding in order to rebuild the 300ft tall spire that had collapsed in the fire.

The lead sarcophagus containing the body was investigated by a team of researchers using a mini endoscopic camera. Christophe Besnier, the lead archaeologist said: “We saw a very well preserved body.

“You can glimpse pieces of fabric, hair and above all a pillow of leaves on top of the head, a well-known phenomenon when religious leaders were buried.”

“The fact that these plant elements still inside mean the body is in a very good state of conservation.”

Archeologists are now working to discover who the person may have been.