8 YouTube Channels Paranormal Enthusiasts Should Be Following

If you enjoy spending your free time watching some good paranormal videos, then here’s a list of 8 paranormal YouTube channels you should be following.

UFO Seekers

The Channel is run by Tim and Tracy, who actively search the skies for any UFO activity, and follow up on reported sightings from members of the public.

They clearly put a lot of effort into their videos, and UFO Seekers is a channel I’ve been subscribed to for a couple of years. If you’re a UFO enthusiast, they are definitely worth subscribing to.

Description of the channel as follows:

“Documentary Series currently filming Season 4. UFO & Alien Investigators based in Bakersfield, CA, USA. Our mission is to investigate UFO sightings and Alien reports in a serious manner utilizing modern technology, in an attempt to document evidence for the witness(es), alien abductees, and/or experiences, by spending time in the field sky-watching and/or searching for trace evidence. Visit our website to learn more. “

You can find the UFO Seekers YouTube channel here.

Curious World 

The Curious World YouTube channel is one which explores the paranormal and true crime. If you enjoy listening to true accounts and spooky stories, the Curious World YouTube channel is definitely one you should be subscribing to.

The about us description is as follows:

A series of videos exploring the world’s darker side. I will cover the supernatural, crime, mythology, mysteries of the ocean and deep space. I try to make videos about subjects that haven’t already been covered on YouTube. If they have been covered before, I try to improve on past productions. I spend hours on my videos; that’s researching, writing the scripts and finally editing. Although I would like to upload one per week, it’s not always possible due to the sheer length of time it takes to make a worthwhile video.

You can find the Curious World YouTube channel here.

Mortis Media

Mortis Media is a channel dedicated to the paranormal. New videos are uploaded frequently. The videos, along with ambient background noise and great narration, make for really interesting and spooky stories.

Enjoy scary stories? You can find the Mortis Media YouTube channel here.

Forgotten Lives

The Forgotten Lives YouTube channel isn’t necessarily a channel orientated around the paranormal, but it’s a channel which uploads narrated videos based around interesting and forgotten people from the past.

The Forgotten Lives YouTube channel tells the stories of those who have accomplished great things, or those surrounded by death. From war heroes, to cannibals, murderers and lowly criminals, this channel is definitely worth looking up.

You can find the Forgotten Lives YouTube channel here.

The Paranormal Scholar

As of writing this, The Paranormal Scholar has a total of 34,101,601 views across all videos uploaded. The channel’s about section is as follows:

“The Paranormal Scholar® presents paranormal documentaries. Providing quality of research and analysis, The Paranormal Scholar explores paranormal mysteries and dark histories in the form of documentaries and top lists. Including: paranormal legends and folklore; demonically possessed people; anomalous experiences; ghosts and poltergeists; and, haunted objects.

The Paranormal Scholar also features true paranormal stories in the popular series, Real Paranormal Stories. 100% subscriber submitted. 100% terrifying. “

Frequent videos are uploaded and narrated by Laura Rowton.

It’s a channel worth watching.

You can find The Paranormal Scholar YouTube channel here.

Being Scared

Being Scared is a popular YouTube channel which frequently uploads videos based on true scary stories, told against ambient background noise such as rainfall and crackling fire for added affect.

A description of the channel is as follows:

If you enjoy the feeling of being scared…you have found the right channel.

● True Scary Stories

● Relaxing Ambient Audio & Visuals

● Minimal Ad Break Interruptions in the Middle of Videos

You can find the Being Scared YouTube channel here.

Amys Crypt

Amys Crypt is a Youtube channel dedicated to the paranormal. It’s run by Amy, who travels the world visiting places which are known to be haunted, and telling the stories behind the ghosts.

The channel description is as follows:

Hi, my name is Amy! Welcome to Amy’s Crypt. This channel focusses on horror and exploring all things creepy from around the world. Join me as I travel to bring you paranormal investigations from the world’s most haunted locations. You’ll also find ghost stories, scary urban legends, monsters and a bit of urban exploration.

You can find Amys Crypt YouTube channel here.

Brief Case

The Brief Case YouTube channel is dedicated to uploading videos based on true crime cases from history. Detailing chilling cases of crime and stories of serial killers, the channel is well worth subscribing to if you’re interested in dark stories of true crime.

You can find the Brief Case YouTube channel here.