5 Strange UFO Sightings You Should Read About

There are many strange UFO sightings that have been reported in the past, and continue to be reported to this day. Some of the strangest reports of UFO’s are found in historic documents. These sightings are often unexplained, and imaginative, but continue to be researched. With no way to prove their accuracy in modern times, they make for very interesting stories.

Here are 5 strange UFO sightings from history.

Celestial Phenomena Over Basel 1566

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The Celestial Phenomenon is also in the Basel pamphlet of 1566 that was written by Samuel Coccius, a historian. During the later centuries, more historians wrote leaflets on the phenomenon, with most describing it as a “miracle” and “sky spectacles.”

Historian Samuel Coccius says that on the 27th July, 28th July and 7th August, many eye witness reports support the celestial phenomena sightings.

Based on eyewitness accounts, the first sighting was an unusual sunrise followed by a total eclipse of the moon while a red sun was rising. The third and final was a cloud of black spheres that appeared in front of the sun.

The 1566 Celestial Phenomena was a chain of mass sightings that occurred in 1566 above Basel, Switzerland.

There were unusual sunrises and sunsets in the area, and rumors abound that the celestial phenomena “fought” each other through numerous black and red balls in the sky.

Most historians and meteorologists discuss this report with the ufologists interpreting the phenomenon as a fight between unknown flying objects.

The Strange UFO Sightings of 1946 Sweden

sky rockets over sweden 1946

1946 was a challenging year for most of the world. World War 2 came to an end and nations were once again depleted, left to rebuild the rubble that used to be their daily lives.

Such was the case in Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, and surrounding areas, but those who looked up in the sky in 1946 gazed upon something they had never seen before.

Gone was the fear of bombs, but something new was happening in the sky, apparent UFOs were now falling or flying in deliberate formations. Those who witnessed these strange objects began to call them “ghost rockets” or even “skyrockets.”

The strange apparitions began on February 26th, in which nearly 2000 observers reported strange UFO sightings.

At first, it was thought that reoccurring sightings were due to German missile tests being done the same year, though they lacked the usual missile trail. Not only that, but they were only seen for a few seconds at a time and emitted a strange rumbling sound.

The objects would usually crash into lakes, and upon further inspection, only craters and torn plants would remain as evidence of the occurrence.

A highly reported crash in July of 1946 in Kolmajarv in Sweden was secretly explored by the military, with no reported evidence being found. The search would continue, alarming military officials enough to put out notices and file paperwork.

A highly reported crash in July of 1946 in Kolmajarv in Sweden was secretly explored by the military, with no reported evidence being found. The search would continue, alarming military officials enough to put out notices and file paperwork.

One such file from November of 1948, mentions: “For some time we have been concerned by the recurring reports on flying saucers.” The file then goes on to say: “They have been reported by so many sources and from such a variety of places that we are convinced that they cannot be disregarded and must be explained on some basis, which is perhaps slightly beyond the scope of our present intelligent thinking.”

The UFOs continued to be reported until like most sightings, they seemed to have collectively just stopped, dying down over the passage of time.

King Clovis Guided by Lights in the Sky

strange ufo sightings clovis I

King Clovis I, 466-511, was a pivotal figure in the history of France. Charles de Gualle, French president between 1959-69, said that, ‘for me the history of France began with Clovis, elected the first king of France by the tribe of the Franks.’

Clovis became leader of the Franks and unified the tribes under his leadership. Later during his rule, he became a legend following his epic victories in brutal territorial battles against the forbidding Visigoths.

It was during one of these battles, at a decisive point in his campaign, that Clovis and his armies saw – and were led by a mysterious light in the sky that showed the path to victory.

At a crucial moment during the difficult battle, the Visigoths abandoned a strong position in the field, and began to retreat from the powerful Frankish army. The Visigoths had hoped to use the coming night to cover their retreat and escape certain death.

However, Clovis did not waver, and pursued the fleeing enemy even though he might be entering a trap. However it was at this moment, that a bright light in the sky was seen by Clovis and his men.

The bright light in the sky was described by Gibbon, in his famous work, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, as being a ‘flaming meteor, suspended in the air above the cathedral of Poiters’ (2). The flaming meteor, was also compared to a ‘pillar of fire’ in the sky, much like that which guided the Israelites of old.

The bright light, which hovered over his army as they pursued their enemies, illuminated a path through the night and a decisive victory was won by Clovis, who killed the Visigoth’s king, Alaric II.

The Aurora UFO Incident

UFO sightings have appeared since the beginning of written history, with the earliest known documentation beginning in ancient Egypt, when sightings of strange shapes in the sky “the color of molten silver” manifested so frequently that scholars documented their mystery.

To date, there have been thousands of UFO sightings since then, documented throughout history up until this very day, and they continue to baffle modern sensibility.

One of the most curious occurrences of UFO sightings happened in 1897 in the tiny town of Aurora, Texas. Aurora was at the time so small that the railroad bypassed it; the population was small, and most of its tenants were farmers or similar.

That April, a strange vehicle was seen in the skies; it was described as “cigar-shaped,” and silvery in coloration; these sightings occurred over a two-year period and were reported by multiple locals, but never explained.

A local Judge, J.S. Proctor, described a vehicle similar to the one seen in recent days flying into his windmill and subsequently crash-landing onto his property. The event destroyed his windmill and required his efforts to clean up the wreckage. During the process, he discovered a “Martian” pilot which was killed in the crash.

The otherworldly pilot was given a proper burial in accordance with the times, though it was into an unmarked grave that the pilot was reportedly deposited into in the end.

Though there have been many accusations of fraud over the past century regarding Judge Proctor’s story, much of the story remains within the realm of possibility. The leavings of an ancient windmill were indeed discovered in 2008, something many locals claimed was inaccurate.

A 1986 film, The Aurora Encounter, documented the events in detail.

We may never know what happened in Aurora in 1896, but the implications are certainly mysterious.

Kecksburg UFO Incident

On the 9th December 1965, in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, a large fireball was seen shooting across the night sky. The fireball was seen by people across six surrounding states that included residents of Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, in neighbouring Canada.

The fireball was seen shooting across the night sky, descending in a large arc towards the surface of the Earth.

Many astronomers at the time publicly claimed that the fireball was not a UFO, but was instead a very bright type of meteor. They claimed that the fireball was what is known as a meteor bolide, that is an extremely bright meteor that explodes as it heats up entering the Earth’s atmosphere, making it shine much more brightly than a usual meteor would.

As reports of the sighting came in, the US authorities continued to deny the event was a UFO which only added more fuel to the fire of theories surrounding the event.

Speculation swirled around the event for years, until, in 2005 NASA admitted that they had investigated the incident and from fragments of the object had concluded that the fireball was a crashing Soviet satellite.

However, according to NASA, all records of the incident were lost in the 1990s. Following further Freedom of Information requests, including court orders, the files were still not found. It is not unusual for NASA to misplace or lose valuable files.

Speculation about the Kecksburg Incident continues to this day, but until the missing files are found, there is little remaining evidence to base further research on.

These are 5 strange UFO sightings which become quite famous among enthusiasts. What are your thoughts on the sightings?